Dan Crenshaw Verbally Backhands Chuck Todd Over Media’s Phony ‘GOP Civil War’ Narrative Following Cheney’s Ouster

Decorated veteran and former U.S. Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw may fear some people (and we’re not convinced he does), but the left-wing pantywaists in the ‘mainstream’ media aren’t among those people.

In a fiery interview with NBC hack Chuck Todd on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Crenshaw pushed back mightily on the fake claims made by the media for a week that there is a no-foolin’ ‘GOP civil war’ going on after House Republicans voted to oust Rep. Liz Cheney from her post as Republican conference chair last week, replacing her with New York Rep. Elise Stefanik the following day.

Fox News reports:

While the media has appeared to fawn over Cheney as a truth-teller for speaking out against Trump, Crenshaw said the press has failed to point out that House Republicans voted to keep her as GOP Conference chair following her vote to impeach Trump for “incitement of insurrection” over the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“You can’t gloss over that fact,” Crenshaw told Todd.

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He said Cheney’s colleagues got “frustrated” and decided it was time for a change when she started “demanding” that they denounce Trump’s “big lie” that he lost the election due to widespread fraud.

Todd claimed that Crenshaw and other GOP members are all-in to link themselves to the former president, whom Cheney couldn’t stop railing against at the expense of talking more about the party’s vision moving forward as well as the Trump’s claim that the election was improperly conducted.

“In December, you signed on to that lawsuit that the Texas attorney general filed to question the elections of other states,” Todd said in reference to AG Ken Paxton’s lawsuit that challenged the integrity of elections in four swing states after officials there made last-minute voting changes under the auspices of COVID-19.

“Look, you guys in the press painted that as some extreme action and, of course, it wasn’t,” Crenshaw fired back. “That amicus brief was a simple question of the Supreme Court in saying, ‘Can you please speak to this question of whether process changes in the election, last-minute, not approved by the legislature, can be deemed constitutional?’

“And then I said it’s unconstitutional for us to overturn the election in Congress,” Crenshaw added. “So I did not vote to object. I voted to certify.”

Todd said that Crenshaw’s actions and those of other Republicans who objected to the election results were “weaponized” by Trump, when in fact, Trump was out front with his accurate claims that voting rules were changed and that those changes certainly did have an impact on the outcome of the presidential contest (which makes sense — otherwise, why would state Democratic officials who made them have bothered?).

The Texas Republican and SEAL hero responded by telling Todd it’s “time to move on.”

“We’re five months into President Biden’s presidency, and there is a time to move on,” Crenshaw said. “You guys in the press love doing this. And I get it. The press is largely liberal. They’re largely Democrat.”

Of course, Todd took umbrage at that characterization, telling Crenshaw, “There’s nothing lazier than that.”

Crenshaw: Yeah, okay. Not “taking the bait” anymore.

And of course, there is nothing “lazier” than a mainstream media hack denying what everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows: Crenshaw is right.

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