Dana Rips Media Praising Biden’s Female Comms Team: GOP Women ‘Just Get Your Sh*t Done’

Fox News co-anchor Dana Perino did not mince her words on Monday about how conservative women never get any praise or recognition from the mainstream media.

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During a segment on the Fox News program “The Five,” Perino tore into the media praising presumed President-elect Joe Biden’s “all-female White House communications team.”

Perino began by noting that President Donald Trump’s communications team is comprised of all women.

She then said conservative women know they’re “not going to get the glowing profile” and so must simply get “sh*t done.”

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“And the Obama Administration did this a lot too,” she said. “There’s like ‘this is the first the first the first’ … there’s nothing wrong with that, if you think you want to get a quick hit in the media, you know exactly how to do it.”

“Conservative administrations typically don’t do that, and also as a conservative woman you know you’re not going to get the glowing profile, so you just get your shit done,” she said, quickly switching to “You get your stuff done” after her co-hosts exploded in laughter.

“Best Monday after Thanksgiving ever!” co-host Greg Gutfeld said.


Biden announced that Jen Psaki, a longtime Democratic spokeswoman who worked in the Obama administration, will serve as his press secretary.

Psaki was a White House communications director and a spokesperson at the State Department under the Obama administration.

Psaki has a long history of questionable actions and made a slew of eyebrow-raising comments:

Campaign communications director Kate Bedingfield will serve as Biden’s White House communications director.

Former CNN analyst Symone Sanders will serve as a senior adviser and chief spokesperson for Biden.

Elizabeth E. Alexander will be the communications director for the first lady.

Ashley Etienne has been selected to be the communications director for the vice president.

Karine Jean Pierre will be the principal deputy press secretary.

Biden-Harris campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon will serve as deputy White House chief of staff.

Biden also announced last month that his longtime aide Ronald Klain will serve as White House chief of staff in his incoming administration.

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