DC Police Chief Threatens Pistol-Packing GOP Rep. Boebert

It appears as though our country becomes more divided by the day, politically speaking, as evidenced by the behavior displayed by public officials in Democrat-run cities when it comes to Republicans and conservatives.

You may have heard in recent days that freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) led a successful effort to preserve a 1960s-era congressional rule that allowed lawmakers to carry concealed weapons on the Capitol Hill grounds.

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In a letter signed by 83 current and freshmen lawmakers, she wrote to House leaders, “If Members can’t carry on Capitol grounds, they can’t protect themselves in D.C. while making their way to and from their offices to perform their official duties. The ‘last-mile’ transition of self-protection is critical. The current regulations provide transitional coverage once the Member is physically on campus.”

The Second Amendment is near and dear to Boebert. She is the owner of a gun-themed restaurant, Shooters Grill, in Rifle, Colorado (not even kidding) where the wait staff all open-carry handguns. 

In a fundraising message after arriving being sworn in, Boebert reiterated her support for our fundamental right to keep and bear arms — anywhere.

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“Let me tell you why I WILL carry my Glock to Congress. Government does NOT get to tell me or my constituents how we are allowed to keep our families safe. I promise to always stand strong for our 2nd Amendment rights,” she wrote on Twitter.

But because the authorities in Washington, D.C., are Democrats first and public servants second, for some reason Boebert’s brash pro-gun stance earned a threat from the city’s police chief.

“That congresswoman, whoever it is, I guess it was from Colorado, will be subjected to the same penalties as anyone else that’s caught on the District of Columbia street that’s carrying a firearm,” Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said Monday, adding he plans on reaching out directly to her.

In general, a person must be licensed to carry a concealed firearm in the District. However, there are exceptions for legally registered firearms,” according to the police department.

“I ran for Congress and have now taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution,” said Boebert in a statement on Monday. 

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“That fight began in earnest as House Democrats attempted to stop Members of Congress from exercising their Second Amendment rights. I led eighty-two of my colleagues in fighting back, and we won. I promise I will never stop defending your Constitutional rights.”

Perhaps Boebert’s dedication to the preservation of our Constitution is something that she and Contee should talk about instead of his partisan threat to try and arrest her if she dares to engage in self-defense.

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