“Defend Your Voice” Virtual Summit to Feature Mike Lindell, Dinesh D’Souza

Conservatives Around the Country Unite!

Conservative influencers, including Mike Lindell and Dinesh D’Souza, will come together this Saturday for the “Defend Your Voice” virtual summit sponsored by the grassroots organization network Defend Our Union. The goal of the summit is to educate people on how the mainstream media manipulates stories and distracts from the truth, and how the average citizen can fight back. It also will encourage people to quit “woke” social media platforms in favor of America First platforms. Anyone can participate in the summit and registration is free.

Defend Our Union states that:

At this summit, you will understand how to fight the coordinated media attack on traditional American values. How America’s adversaries construct messaging to manipulate and distract. What do Disney, Klaus Schwab, and Yuval Noah Harari have in common. Who is the most dangerous man at the World Economic Forum?

Learn how to: Speak with (1) your friends (2) your family (3) your fellow workers and be heard. Turn around the hearts and minds of dismissive legislatures. Use CNN and Fake news against your detractors. Prepare for the ACTIVE censorship on your texts and voice communications. Move off Woke digital platforms and find America First platforms.

Michele Swinick, founder of the Save My Freedom movement, is scheduled to host a portion summit, calling it her Joshua moment, along with Lindell and D’Souza, who recently released the election fraud film “2000 Mules”. Also scheduled to attend are Kevin Sorbo, Catherine Engelbrecht, Clay Clark, Mel K, Leigh Dundas, and Matt & Joy Thayer.

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Defend Our Union came about after the 2020 election and brings together faith leaders, local representatives, non-profits and grassroots organizations to work on election integrity and electing conservative candidates (no RINOs!), and to educate people on the Constitution and what government overreach looks like.

You can register for the “Defend Your Voice” Summit here:

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