Dem Governor: Biden Will Have Americans Wearing Masks At Home

Americans can kiss their freedoms goodbye forever if the effort to install Joe Biden into the White House is successful and some Democrats are overjoyed at the prospect. 

Governors and mayors who had largely been irrelevant received a gift from the heavens when coronavirus hysteria exploded, was magnified by the corrupt media, and provided them with a once in a lifetime opportunity to seize dictatorial powers under emergency orders. 


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One of those petty tyrants who has crushed the rights of his citizens underneath the heel of his boot is Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a true believer in the climate change doomsday cult and an authoritarian who never had it better than he does today. 

Inslee who despite his despotism just won reelection in far-left Washington is salivating over the prospect that a President Biden will strip Americans of their civil liberties and reduce them to fearful sheep who are so terrified of a flulike virus, that they will submit to wearing face masks indoors while at home. 

Governor Inslee made his stunning comments on CNN this week that Biden is the type of "leader" who can instill what he called a "personal, moral commitment" that would include masks at home and the cancellation of traditional holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving. 

Via Breitbart News, "Inslee: Biden Will Spur ‘Commitment’ from Americans to Get Them to ‘Start Wearing Masks at Home,’ ‘Reconsider’ Thanksgiving Plans":

During CNN’s election coverage, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) said 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden will “re-energize the kind of personal, moral commitment of Americans” on coronavirus “that we need right now to get people to start wearing masks at home, reconsider their dinner plans at Thanksgiving, save ourselves.”

Inslee said, “Look, we have been desperate for national leadership on this. This was like fighting World War II with a president who said, just let Connecticut fight the war and good luck. To have a person who will actually engage the nation, not only in the economic things we have to do to distribute, in an efficient way, the vaccine, which we believe is coming. But also, to re-energize the kind of personal, moral commitment of Americans, which is desperate, that we need right now to get people to start wearing masks at home, reconsider their dinner plans at Thanksgiving, save ourselves.”

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Despite the fact that not one state has yet certified its election and while there are ongoing court challenges over irregularities and outright fraud, Biden moved to put together his own coronavirus task force and it looks like another round of forced lockdowns is coming if President Trump doesn't prevail. 

Via The Hill, "Biden's COVID-19 crisis team takes shape as virus rages":

Biden has called for the federal government to take a much more forceful role in ramping up testing supplies, including rapid tests, as well as protective equipment for health workers, in contrast to the Trump administration shifting much of that responsibility to the states, who sometimes had to compete with each other for supplies.

He is also calling for “evidence-based national guidance” on when businesses like bars and gyms should open or close depending on the level of local transmission.

“I think the overriding theme here is that he understands the critical importance of a one government approach to address health emergencies,” said Howard Koh, a former assistant secretary for Health in the Obama administration who’s now at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“We’ve had a 50 state approach until now with 50 states going in 50 different directions and it’s added to the inefficient and often ineffective response that we’ve witnessed so far,” Koh said.

Captain Lockdown has already gone on record multiple times vowing that if he won the election that Americans can expect to have a federal forced masking mandate imposed on them. 

With the media creating the false narrative that Biden has a sweeping mandate, small business owners and especially those who own bars and restaurants can expect to have their lives work stolen away from them by power-drunk Democrats. 

These control freaks have never had it so good and have steamrolled Republicans whose failure to defend President Trump from savage attacks over the last four years have emboldened those who hate us for our freedoms.