Dem Lawmaker Arrested Trying To Buy Drugs And Impersonating Cop

A Democratic lawmaker has been charged with drunk driving and impersonating an officer after he tried to buy cocaine at a local bar. 

The Marion County Sheriff's Department said that Indiana state representative Dan Forestal was charged with one count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, resisting law enforcement, and impersonating a public servant.


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His encounter with real police officers happened after a local resident called 911 to report someone impersonating an officer in Indianapolis.

Forestal allegedly told the local resident that he was an officer taking part in a drug bust in the area.

Forestal asked where the "people selling drugs" lived and flashed a fake badge to "prove" he was a real cop.

When the real police officers arrived, they found Forestal sitting in his car gripping the steering wheel.

After refusing to step out of his car for several minutes, the Democratic lawmaker was placed in handcuffs after a brief struggle.

The court affidavit also states that Forestal was charged with trying to buy cocaine.

Officers seized Forestal's IFD badge, impounded the Mercury SUV he was sitting in, and collected two tubes of blood.

Below is a video clip of a local news outlet detailing the story:

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry plans to seek a special prosecutor in the case because Forestal has made campaign contributions in the past and worked as a campaign volunteer.

The Democratic lawmaker is the nephew of Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal. 

He is also a 12-year veteran at the Indianapolis Fire Department.

"We are monitoring the pending investigation," Battalion Chief Rita Reith, an IFD spokeswoman, said in an email. "The IFD has general orders, policies and procedures that address this type of issue which is currently being handled internally based on the information we have."

Another day, another corrupt Democrat has been arrested for committing several serious crimes.