Dem Mayor In Pennsylvania Blasts Biden, Predicts a President Trump Landslide

During an interview with the War Room, Democratic mayor of Carbondale, Pennsylvania Justin Taylor unloaded on former Vice President Joe Biden as he predicted that President Donald Trump will win in a landslide in November.

The mayor explained that there will be a “huge victory and huge numbers” for President Trump as he explained how the Democratic party has strayed too far left.

“I see a huge turnout, a huge victory, huge numbers for Trump, and I honestly see that across the commonwealth and across the nation,” Taylor said as he noted how “more and more” Democrats feel “abandoned” by their party.

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Taylor also unloaded on Biden, stating that it was “insulting” how the former Vice President claims to be an advocate for the workers of Pennsylvania.

“What really has he done for Northeastern Pennsylvania? What really has he done, specifically for Scranton?” the mayor questioned. “It’s somewhat insulting to say he’s the native son of this area when he’s been gone for so long, and again has really not implemented any practices or initiative that would have helped the industrial nature of Scranton and Lackawanna County and Northeastern Pennsylvania at whole the entire time he’s been in elected office.”

Taylor went on to say that Biden does not stand for the Pennsylvanian values of “God, family, country, and work.”

“For Northeastern Pennsylvania, it’s God, family, country, and work. I don’t see any of that really from Biden,” he said. “I don’t see that from the Democratic party anymore. They’re the party of every other alternative opinion and no longer the party of the working class.”

“I’ve been a Democrat my whole life,” Taylor continued. “My grandfather sat me down at 18 and said you’re going to be a Democrat because the Democrats are for the working people. I have a little boy. He’s going to be two in a couple of months, and I can’t, at this point, sit him down in a couple of years and say you’re going to be a Democrat because they’re for the working people. I can’t have that same conversation with him.”

Taylor then called out certain Catholics for being hypocrites by supporting Biden considering his support for abortion.

“I’ve always actually been very surprised at the amount of die-hard Democrats who are also die-hard Catholics that would be able to support a Democrat who was not only pro-choice but pro-abortion,” the Democratic mayor said. “Those were in complete conflict. I mean the greatest advocate for our area for so many years was Governor Casey so many years ago because he was a pro-life Democrat, and that was the candidate of Scranton not the Joe Biden of today.”

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