Dem Strategist: Biden Is “Mentally Deteriorating”, “Clearly Not All There”

During an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson last week, Democrat strategist Justin Horwitz said that former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is “mentally deteriorating” and “clearly not all there.”

“He is a candidate that is mentally deteriorating. People in the Democratic establishment say, ‘Oh don’t say that.’ They really believe that they can shield Joe Biden from public scrutiny and the reality is, they can’t,” he said.

“We all see what’s going on here and it’s going to be a disaster if we nominate Joe Biden,” Horwitz added.

Carlson then asked the strategist if the Democrat establishment is “perfectly aware” of Biden’s mental decline, Horwitz stated that “everyone is perfectly aware with what is happening with Joe Biden,” calling him a “candidate in decline.”

“We all see it. He can’t get on stage without making some type of gaffe, and these aren’t the same gaffes that he made in his previous two failed presidential runs,” Horowitz said. “These gaffes are a lot more serious. These gaffes clearly indicate that he is not all there anymore.”

Horwitz went on to say that the situation for Biden will get worse during the upcoming debates because Sanders is a “sharp debater” compared to the Former Vice President.

“I think Bernie picks up steam and ends up winning the nomination because Biden simply can’t debate,” Horwitz said.

“They’re trying to protect him from being in public. Well, unfortunately when you run for president, you’re going to be in public,” he added. “People are going to see what’s happening.”


Despite Biden’s mental decline, he is shockingly rising in the polls. On Thursday, far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren decided to drop out of the presidential race after having a terrible performance on Super Tuesday. Many people thought that Warren’s dropout would be very beneficial to Bernie Sanders considering the two share similar far-left views, however new polls say otherwise.

According to the most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, Warren’s supporters aren’t rushing to join Bernie Sanders like everyone initially thought.

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“Just days after Joe Biden’s commanding wins in most of the Super Tuesday primaries, Democrats across the country are again rallying around the former vice president as their best hope for defeating Republican President Donald Trump in November,” Reuters reports.

“In the March 4-5 poll, released on Thursday, 55% of registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents said they would support Biden for the Democratic nomination if the only other choice was U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Another 45% said they would vote for Sanders,” adds Reuters.

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Check out what the Daily Wire had to say about past polls between Biden and Sanders:

Since October, the leaderboard for the Democratic presidential nomination has been dominated by Biden and Sanders, with Biden spending far more time at the top. But after the first two primary contests, where Sanders overperformed and Biden grossly underperformed, the national momentum swung decisively in Sanders’ favor. According to Real Clear Politics‘ average of the national polls, Sanders enjoyed a 12-point advantage over Biden on Feb. 22 (29-17).

But heading into South Carolina, “Joementum” picked up and after he carried the state overwhelmingly last Saturday, he surged back into frontrunner status. By March 2, the eve of Super Tuesday, Biden held a razor-thin edge over Sanders (27.3-26.7). After winning 9 of the 15 states up for grabs on Tuesday, the shift was complete: Biden’s lead expanded to over 7 points by Wednesday (34.3-26.8).

By Thursday morning, after Bloomberg dropped out and just before Warren did the same, Biden held a 13-point advantage over Sanders in a Reuters/Ipsos poll, with Warren taking 11 points and Gabbard just Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) just 1 (45-32-11-1).

While many were expecting a vast majority of Warren’s support to transfer to Sanders, Reuters’ new survey indicates that theory was flawed. Her support appears to be relatively evenly divided, some going to Biden, bringing him to 55% support, and some to Sanders, giving him 45% support.

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