Democrat Rep. Floats Insane Idea to Cost America Even More Jobs

One Democrat lawmaker thinks he has a perfect idea to address the border crisis: he wants to bring American jobs back from China and put them in Central America to “incentivize” them to stay in their own country rather than trying to come to America.

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During an interview on Fox News, Texas Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez told anchor Neil Cavuto that we should bring jobs the United States lost to China back to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Gonzalez told Cavuto that “I don’t advocate for writing a blank check to any of these countries. I advocate for [going in there] with surgical projects in areas where people migrate from.”

He added: “People don’t migrate from the entire country of Guatemala or Honduras or El Salvador. They migrate from certain pockets that have different challenges.”

“And I think we have to have surgical approaches to going in there with American contractors and public-private partnerships and [non-governmental organizations] and have a holistic approach to going in there and making investments that create jobs and security on the ground to incentivize people to not migrate,” he continued.

Gonzalez then argued that the US. government should convince American businesses who are manufacturing in China now “to go down to these Northern Triangle countries and have these operations there and incentivize them to create jobs closer to home that have impacts on our southern border.”


There are many problems here.

For starters, what sense does it make to take jobs being outsourced to China and then outsource them to Central America? It’s still American companies allowing foreigners to take the jobs.

Here’s the cherry on top: Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, which is in the Northern Triangle, has been named as a co-conspirator in a U.S. narco-trafficking trial.

A now-convicted drug kingpin “has alleged that Hernández accepted millions of dollars in bribes and helped protect a flood of cocaine into the U.S.”

And Democrats want to strike a deal with people like this guy in Central America to give them jobs that could and should go to Americans given we are talking about U.S.-based companies in this scenario.

What it all really adds up to is yet more proof the Democrats are utterly incapable of putting America first when it comes to jobs.

The border crisis created by the Biden administration is about to get a lot worse in the coming months.

According to a report from CNN, internal government calculations from the Biden administration project that officials expect to encounter an estimated two million people at the border in 2021.

“US Border Patrol encounters are also expected to be largely made up of single adults, who are being turned away at the US southern border as soon as they’re encountered under a public health order, and as a result, might also account for repeat crossers,” CNN reported.

According to documents that were leaked to Axios, the Biden administration is projectinging that the number of unaccompanied children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border could spiral from more than 16,000 this month to as many as 26,000 in September.

So, the administration thinks the border crisis will continue to get worse month over month until at least September.

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Here’s the cherry on top: Axios reports that: “Even the low-end estimate is double the total number of kids who tried to cross during the crisis year of 2019. In 2014, the Obama administration struggled to care for just 69,000 kids who crossed illegally.”

Almost 110 border-crossers that Biden’s DHS released ended up testing positive for the coronavirus between January 25 and March 1.