Democratic Mayor of Large Floridian County Pledges Allegiance To DeSantis

MIAMI, FLORIDA - JULY 13: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at a new conference on the surge in coronavirus cases in the state held at the Jackson Memorial Hospital on July 13, 2020 in Miami, Florida. Yesterday, Florida reported 15,300 new confirmed cases on Sunday, topping the previous U.S. record for the largest daily increase of Covid-19 infections. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

David Kerner, the commissioner of Palm Beach county, recently announced that he would be actively campaigning for DeSantis’s reelection as Florida’s Governor.

Kerner, now the commissioner, had previously served as the county’s mayor. Palm Beach country is one of the three largest counties in the state, which is also left-leaning. However, the commissioner said he could not allow the circumstances to silence him into letting Floridians make the worst decision.

The Ex-democrat said, “Every day until November 8, I will campaign for Governor DeSantis and on November 8, I will vote for Governor DeSantis. And today, I proudly endorse Governor Ron DeSantis for reelection as the Governor of the great state of Florida.”

Kerner added, “As an aside, Governor, I am very proud that you felt that my endorsement was worthy of acceptance. And I’m so delighted that we’ve had this opportunity to be here in public with the community to make it official.”

The commissioner added that supporting DeSantis’s reelection was a remotely easy decision for him despite what other people might think, considering the circumstances. However, he noted that Desantis is one of the best governors Florida has seen and letting him go so easily will be a loss for Floridians.

He said, “This was not the proverbial lesser of two evils. Governor DeSantis has demonstrated himself beyond worthy of the humbling duties of this office. And he has done so with the level of dignity, purpose, and respect that is lost in the public sphere today. It may come as a shock to many of you, or at least many of my friends that as a Democratic elected officer in deep blue Palm Beach County, I’m endorsing Republican Governor.”

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The Governor who was present when Kerner gave his endorsement accepted it and showed gratitude to the commissioner. DeSantis commended Kerner for standing with the rule of law and coming out to speak the truth without bias.

Kerner added that he could not afford to remain silent as there is too much for the state to lose if DeSantis does not reclaim his seat. He recounted DeSantis’s gubernatorial opponent’s campaign and noted that he is already hinting at reallocation even without winning the election yet. From all of Crist’s campaign, Kerner stated that all he had heard so far had been a democratic agenda coming to destroy Florida.

Furthermore, Kerner noted that Florida is a beautiful state and has managed to maintain that beauty and standards for years, more with DeSantis’s help. He added that the beauty and history of the state are seen in the diversity of the Floridians and the environment.

Kerner gave “credit to our governor for the trajectory of our state,” noting that DeSantis has singlehandledly protected Florida from democratic menace for years. Letting DeSantis go would be equivalent to recalling all the threats Florida has been kept safe from, and Kerner realizes that, which is why he urged Floridians to make the smart choice again.

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