Democrats Begin To Panic As Biden Crime Wave Becomes Major Threat To Party’s Power

Democrats may have harnessed the energy of last summer’s violent riots and demands to defund the police for political gain, but that strategy now appears to have been a very short-sighted one.

The failure of any party leader to unequivocally denounce those who burned, looted, and marauded in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd gave the impression that criminality was sanctioned.

However, but the resultant spike in crime in Democrat-controlled cities could cost them political power.

One year later, cities in which Dem politicians declared war on the law enforcement, demonized police, and stripped funding from local police departments have degenerated into dangerously violent hellholes reminiscent of third world countries.

With bodies piling up on the streets of Chicago and Baltimore, the Biden regime’s decision to deal with the crime problem by blaming it all on the availability of guns may thrill progressive activists but does little to ensure the safety of residents trapped in rapidly deteriorating conditions.

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This spike in crime under Biden has led some Democrats including failed presidential candidate Michael Dukakis to speak out, pleading with his party to do something or else.

According to Dukakis, the defund the police movement is “nuts” he said in an interview with The Hill.

“I’m saying to myself, my God, what the hell is going on here?” Dukakis added.

The former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts qualifies as an authority on how politically damaging that being soft on crime can be. He was riding high in the polls in 1988 against George H.W. Bush before an ad campaign informing voters that Willie Horton, a convicted black murderer who while on furlough, raped a woman, derailing his presidential bid. He would go on to lose in 40 states.

But it isn’t only Dukakis, even flaming liberal pundit Juan Williams is sounding the alarm.

In his latest column, Williams dared to address that which is unspeakable, that the crime wave that has gripped the cities under Democrat rule is largely driven by black on black violence, a truth that he insists Biden must acknowledge.

According to Williams;” Black people are 13 percent of the population but 53.7 percent of America’s murder victims, according to 2019 data.” he wrote; “That makes the current rise in the murder rate very real and scary for me.”

Williams added; “I’m frightened because more than half of the people being killed are Black and 86 percent of the Black people being killed are men, like me.”

He also criticized the authoritarian ghoul Merrick Garland, Biden’s new Attorney General for failing to deal with the elephant in the living room. “Protecting our communities from violent crime is a top priority for the Department of Justice,” Garland said. He spotlighted the increase in violent crime as “deeply troubling.” Williams wrote, “But Garland did not say the problem is Black men killing other Black men.”

“Eighty-nine percent of Blacks who were murdered in 2019 were killed by other Black people, according to the FBI.” He added.

Biden, who continues to present himself as the savior of black people in America, is in a serious bind; how can he dare to get to the root of the crime problem by addressing the black-on-black violence without alienating Black Lives Matter and influential race hustlers like the Reverend Al Sharpton?

That the leading proponents of the defund the police movement like Twitter diva Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad” have only succeeded in leading their party to the edge of the cliff can be seen by the strong showing by former cop Eric Adams in the New York City mayoral race where he is currently leading AOC endorsed Maya Wiley who backs defunding the police.

Those who have suffered the most during the Democrat-sanctioned crime wave are business owners and other law-abiding people of color and with the risk of becoming a victim by simply going out in public rising by the day, the safety of themselves and their family may override party loyalty in 2022 and beyond.

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