Democrats Decide to Keep Impeachment Witness Transcripts Secret

For a group of people who love to leak anything and everything they can get their hands on, House Democrats seem very intent on keeping the key impeachment witness transcripts a secret from the public. 

The House Committees on Oversight and Reform, Intelligence, and Foreign Affairs are making it increasingly clear that they have no plans on releasing the transcripts of the testimonies from the first two witnesses in the ongoing impeachment inquiry. The lack of transparency from the House Democrats suggests that the transcripts aren't compelling enough and/or the House Democrats rather leak sound bites taken out of context.


Check out what Breitbart reported:

Last week, former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and Intelligence Community (IC) Inspector General (IG) Michael Atkinson provided their testimony behind closed doors.
To the dismay of Republicans, witnesses expected to come to Capitol Hill this week are expected to follow suit.
Reps. Eliot Engel (D-NY), Adam Schiff (D-CA), and Elijah Cummings have chosen to release bits and pieces of the evidence gathered so far that favors their impeachment effort.
Engel, Schiff, and Cummings are the committee chairmen leading the impeachment investigation.
On Monday, Breitbart News reached out to the House panels for comment on when, if ever, they plan to release the full transcripts, but they refused to answer.
Irked by the Democrats’ refusal to release the full transcripts, Republican lawmakers who witnessed the testimony first hand and pundits have called for the information to be made public.

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin told Democrats on Saturday to release the testimony from Zolker "so all can read it." He also added that the allegations against President Trump were proven to be "bogus."

"House Dems should IMMEDIATELY release Amb Volker’s several hour long transcribed interview so ALL can read it," he said in a tweet. "He candidly & professionally OBLITERATED the bogus charge POTUS made a quid pro quo offer to Zelensky connecting aid to Ukraine with an investigation into Bidens."

Zeldin added: "It's been 24 hrs & the Volker transcript still hasn't been released by House Dems. No good reason why this hasn't been done yet. Anything to keep the Schiff quid pro quo fairy tale alive one more night. These tactics are unfair to the American public & dividing our great country."

In late September, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced an official impeachment inquiry against President Trump based off of a second-hand politically biased whistleblower's claim that President Trump bribed Ukraine's President with military funds to start an investigation into Joe Biden for getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating his son.

This move by the Speaker is an obvious political hit job with the sole intention of removing our duly elected president from office.

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The whistleblower claimed that President Trump set up a quid pro quo agreement regarding military aid with Ukraine and in return, Ukraine would investigate Joe Biden. Pelosi used the whistleblower's claim to begin an impeachment inquiry, however the transcript of the call which was released the next day, revealed that President Trump did not leverage military aid in any way. The Democrats started an impeachment inquiry based on lies.

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