Democrats Going The Extra Mile With Hypocrisy And Double Standards

Disgraced former NBA player Rex Chapman received an unexpected Twitter lecture Wednesday when a remark against former President Donald Trump bit him.

Reporters and Democrats have grossly exploited Hurricane Ian and Gov. Ron DeSantis’ response. Them playing politics during a natural disaster wasn’t only towards DeSantis.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, not long after Category 4, Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida, Chapman did what he does best: deliberately misled his 1.2 million followers for chortles, grins, and retweets.

Chapman was reacting to a video tweet about Trump fundraising during a disaster.

A category 4 hurricane is hitting Florida (where he is), and the former president is asking for money—losing everything. But forget that for a second. Imagine Clinton, Reagan, Carter, or Bush doing this. What a disgrace,” he stated while posting the video:

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Let’s assume Trump sent out a crowdfunding plea during the massive storm and that doing so is disgusting and improper; what would social media influencers like Rex Chapman dare say if they discovered that the present Oval Office occupant – the guy in charge – was also raising funds as the Florida shoreline got struck?

He didn’t like being called on his bs. He responded, “You know what ‘personal’ implies, right?” And then, moments later, he said, “Biden just pleaded federal money to Florida champ.

Presumably, he meant “pledged,” which is meaningless because Biden is “pledging” tax dollars, not fundraiser money. It’ll be a completely different story if we find out later that every cent raised at that Democrat event tonight goes to victims of the disaster, but we know that’s not going to be the case.

Is Trump “personally” fundraising during the storm more “disgraceful” than Joe Biden trying to fill campaign coffers as a significant state is pounded by a deadly storm? For one, Trump’s the former president, and per Democrats the further away he keeps from everything political, the better, except for when it relates to disasters, apparently.

It makes little sense, mainly because these individuals would go nuclear on Trump if he were still president, and in D.C. After Chapman’s tweet, several people said, “It’s acceptable when Democrats do it,” so plainly they think it’s okay as long as their side does it.

Curtis Houck highlighted that Democrats and the media would have hammered Republican presidents if they weren’t in the White House or the air amid hurricanes. When Joe Biden raises money with Democratic elites weeks before a vital race, it’s alright.

If Dems didn’t have double standards, they’d have none. They definitely showed that today, and long after this storm is past and when the next one comes along, suffice to say they’ll be at this again.

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