Democrats Have Meltdown Over Amy Coney Barrett's Initials 'ACB'

Democrats are not happy about Amy Coney Barrett's new nickname that was given to her by conservative groups.

Shortly after Barrett was selected by President Donald Trump, Republican groups condensed Barrett's name and gave her the nickname, "Notorious ACB" along with "Glorious ACB." The nickname was similar to one that liberals gave to late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg which was "Notorious RBG."


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Democrats were livid by the nickname. Read some of their reactions below highlighted by the Daily Wire:

The new monikers, though, aren’t sitting well with die-hard Ginsburg fans who took to Twitter and to the pages of left-leaning outlets to complain that conservatives were appropriating what rightfully belonged to “RGB.”

“Please stop calling her ‘ACB’. It demeans #RBG and the rest of us,” one social media critic claimed.

“Conservatives calling this woman ‘ACB’ make me sick,” moaned another. “She will never be RBG.”

That might be good news to Barrett’s fans, who are likely hoping that Barrett wins speedy confirmation to the Supreme Court, giving conservatives a 6-3 edge (or, in some cases, at least a comfortable 5-4) over the Court’s more “liberal” justices.

Other critics connected “ACB” to the Trump administration’s controversial decision to pursue filling Ginsburg’s seat less than 40 days out of an election.

“They’re stealing RGB‘s nickname on top of her seat,” one social media user complained. “ACB didn’t earn this. The GOP is sick and cruel.”

The media outlet Slate went as far to say that the nickname was a dis on Ginsburg and showed that Republicans were giddy about replacing Ginsburg quickly.

“Applying Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s nickname to Amy Coney Barrett is deliberately degrading,” said Slate reporter Dahlia Lithwick. “The White House rollout of Judge Amy Coney Barrett as candidate for the seat has gone beyond erasing Ginsburg’s legacy—they are stealing the trappings of that legacy and stripping it for parts.”

“There are now grotesque GOP T-shirts that imply that 60 years of unprecedented and brilliant legal advocacy by Ginsburg could simply be reappropriated by someone else because she too is a woman in possession of three names,” Lithwick added. “This comedic implication—that Barrett is the natural inheritor of Ginsburg’s legacy—is depraved.”

“As Donald Trump explained when he introduced her, Barrett’s work to dismantle Ginsburg’s legacy in abortion, health care, discrimination, and gun rights is to be construed as pro-women simply because a woman will be doing it. Even Barrett’s own remarks relied on co-opting Ginsburg’s reputation and legacy, as if the fact that one’s husband is the better cook is the only hallmark of female empowerment,” Lithwick continued.

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