Democrats Parrot Iranian Talking Points, Accuse Trump Of War Crimes

Perhaps one of President Trump’s greatest gifts is that he has been able to make others expose what they truly are and that is especially the case when it comes to Democrats. 

Ever since his stunning upset of the “unbeatable” Hillary Clinton in 2016, Trump has managed to drive the left into an uncontrollable madness that has ripped away their masks to reveal their hatred for America. 

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This is especially the case following the surprise airstrike that took out Iran’s top general, a monstrous purveyor of terrorism who despite his established history of butchery, was lionized by the left. 

After General Qassem Suleimani was sent to his great reward courtesy of President Trump, the Iranian regime responded with threats against America but unlike the Obama era, quickly discovered that there is a new sheriff in town. 

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On Saturday, the POTUS tweeted: 

Which was met by not only an accusation by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif that targeting such sites was a war crime but was quickly parroted by the terrorist regime’s water carriers in the Democratic party. 

Top Democrats including a 2020 presidential candidate and the former bartender who is arguably the most influential member of Congress apparently got their talking points delivered directly from Tehran and took to Twitter to call the leader of the free world a war criminal. 

The always hysterical Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued with her strident rhetoric that includes comparing border immigrant detention facilities to Nazi concentration camps by tweeting:

“This is a war crime. Threatening to target and kill innocent families, women and children – which is what you’re doing by targeting cultural sites – does not make you a ‘tough guy,’”

AOC was joined by fellow squad member, defender of al Qaeda and anti-Semite Ilhan Omar who chimed in:

The President of the United States is threatening to commit war crimes on Twitter.  

God help us all! #25thAmendment

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The two socialist fanatics immersed inside of their paranoid social media fantasy world are one thing, but when one of the top Democrats vying to replace Trump in the White House is using the same irresponsible language, it is clear that the rot has reached the highest levels of a Democratic party that is completely off the rails. 

According to Senator Elizabeth Warren who is currently in third place for the 2020 nomination:

You are threatening to commit war crimes. We are not at war with Iran. The American people do not want a war with Iran. This is a democracy. You do not get to start a war with Iran, and your threats put our troops and diplomats at greater risk. Stop.

Granted that Warren has a propensity for exaggeration – especially when it comes to her ancestry – but a very serious line has been crossed when a top candidate is in sync with the Iranian ministry of propaganda. 

Just as socialism and anti-Semitism have taken root in today’s version of the Democratic party, so too will this lunacy but don’t expect CNN, the Washington Post or the New York Times to ask the serious question of why Democrats are taking up with the enemy because as always, they get a pass. 

As shameful and un-American as they are, nothing unites like common enemy and to the Democrat resistance, that enemy is President Trump. 

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