Dems Embrace Anti-Semitic Activist Who Says Jews Are “Satanic”

An anti-Israel activist who has expressed some vile views about the Jewish race on his social media accounts has close ties with many Democrat candidates.

Maher Abdel Qader is a prominent campaigner and supporter of the Dems. He is a vocal, anti-Semitic bigot and practicing Muslim, sharing numerous conspiracy theories about Jews on his Facebook page, including that they are “satanic” and “practice subversion and treason.”

He makes no attempt to hide his blatant anti-Israel stance on social media. In 2017, he shared an image of a list of Congresspeople along with the claim that they had dual citizenship with Israel.

His page is awash with pro-Palestine memes, photos, and posts. One post is captioned “free Palestine” along with a cartoon of Muslim women in burkas, holding Palestinian flags and aiming slingshots.

In another image, Qader replaced the US flag in the famous WW11 Iwo Jima photo with the flag of Palestine, and in others, he poses in a suit like a politician next to a doctored US congress logo with “The Palestinian American Congress” written around it in Arabic.

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In yet another rant about Jews posted to Facebook in April:

“The Kingdom of Khazar was Jewish men who married European women, which contradicts the Jewish religion that the Jew is from the mother of a Jew. This explains that the Jews of Europe are all blond eggs with colored eyes, they lost their blood and their good deeds are Middle East.”

A few days earlier, he had attended a private event supporting the Muslim Ramadan hosted by New York’s mayor Eric Adams.

Qader appears to have close ties with Democrat Adams going back a while. Last year, even snapped a selfie with the mayor-to-be for his Instagram page.

In 2021, Qader was one of 6 Muslim community leaders to join Adams on a Zoom call to discuss his “campaign issues in addition to getting engaged in his campaign”.

Qader added that Adams was “on board with our community and will stand to support us”.

The pro-Palestine activist also posted numerous selfies to his Instagram with Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellision at another NYC Dem. fundraising event:

“May 18, 2022, Fundraiser for Keith Ellison the 30th attorney general of the State of Minnesota in Manhattan- New York,” Qader wrote on his Instagram page.

“Also attended by Michael J. Garner, Chief Diversity Officer, MTA Department of Diversity and Civil Rights”.

Later that month, he posted to Facebook that he had attended New York’s annual ceremony of the Middle East Institute for Understanding. Quader said of the event, it was “a busy festival that crowned the work of this great institution that works tirelessly to spread justice for the cause of Palestine and expose the crimes of the deadly and hateful Zionist occupation against Palestine.”

In April, the devoted Democrat enjoyed yet another exclusive fundraising dinner hosted in Staten Island, this time in support of Rana Abdelhamid for congress, who sat snuggly next to Jew-hating Qader.

It seems Dem. Chicago Congress candidate Jonathan Jackson is the latest true blue to enjoy Qader’s support:

Donate and support Chicago’s congressional candidate Jonathan Jackson a friend of the community and supporter of Palestine,” he wrote in a post on June 8.

So far, the Dems have embraced this shady character as one of their own. Doesn’t that speak volumes!

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