Dems Howl In Outrage After SCOTUS Upholds Arizona Election Integrity Law

The Fourth Of July came early for Democrats who exploded in fury after the Supreme Court put the kibosh on their election rigging schemes with a huge ruling protecting voter integrity laws in Arizona.

On Thursday, the nation’s highest court upheld the state’s law that effectively banned ballot harvesting, a practice where third party actors collect ballots that is rife with opportunities for fraud and which has been used by Democrats and their operatives to steal elections, especially last year when COVID provided a perfect cover for the cheating that allowed the party to seize control of nearly the entire federal government.

However, the SCOTUS remains the one area that the power-crazed Dems have been unable to impose their will and despite a series of dubious rulings that have been favorable to their radical causes, the justices voted 6-3 in favor of election integrity and against the DNC which falsely claimed that the law disproportionately affected minority voters.

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The ruling comes at a time when the Orwellian-named “For The People Act” which would strip states of the ability to conduct their own elections and relegate the Republican party to permanent powerlessness remains stalled in the Senate as activists stomp their feet in anger.

It is also a blow to the hyper-partisan Biden Justice Department’s lawsuit seeking to nullify Georgia’s election integrity law that has been maligned by Biden as “Jim Crow on steroids,” a steaming hot whopper served up just like the very fine people “on both” sides lie that he continues to repeat.

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That the ruling is a major blow to the dreams of permanent dominance by Democrats was evident by the mother of all temper tantrums that began as soon as the news broke.

Joe Biden accused the SCOTUS of undercutting “voting rights in this country” and threw his support behind the stalled legislation with the trope that “our democracy depends on it.”

The White House also issued a blistering statement, accusing the court of a “broad assault against voting rights” and laughably claiming that “Our democracy depends on an election system built on integrity and independence,” while calling for new laws that, “safeguard that beating heart of our democracy.” Adding, “We must also shore up our election security to address the threats of election subversion from abroad and at home.”

One-trick pony Kamala Harris predictably played the race card.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi resorted to the tiresome refrain that the ruling undermined “our democracy,” a real knee-slapper from the master projectionist.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumerderisively referred to the SCOTUS as “actor” that has undermined voting rights.

He also spat; “If you believe in open and fair democracy and the principle of one person, one vote, today is one of the darkest days in all of the Supreme Court’s history,” 

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin accused the SCOTUS conservatives of targeting the “heart of our democracy,” harsh words from a man who once compared U.S. troops to Nazis on the Senate floor.

Obama apparatchik Susan Rice conjured Jim Crow but didn’t mention that it was her own party that was responsible for the racist laws of the past.

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams played the race card while bemoaning what she called “the erosion of democracy,” peak irony since she is the one who led the successful effort to erode the economic fortunes of black workers and business owners by forcing Major League Baseball to move the annual All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

Top Democrat legal eagle Marc Elias called for transnational “woke” corporations to intervene, an exclamation point on how the party relies on the merger of state and corporate power which fits the classic definition of fascism.

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Joining Justice Samuel Alito in the majority were all three of former President Donald J. Trump’s appointees, Neal Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett as well as Clarence Thomas and in a major surprise, Chief Justice John Roberts. Obama appointee Elena Kagan wrote a scathing dissent

The ruling also renewed demands for packing the Supreme Court which could be a tall task for Democrats considering that they have been unable to move their “voting rights” and “infrastructure” schemes due to a lack of Republican support to overcome the threshold for the filibuster, with the 2022 campaign season only months away from kicking off, their window of opportunity for such extremism is rapidly closing.

Democrats fully understand that the only way that they can retain power is by cheating and their rage shows that the SCOTUS hurt them, it hurt them badly.

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