Dems Introduce Bill To Rename Over 1,000 “Racist” Mountains, Rivers And Other U.S. Places

Democrats have taken another step in their relentless drive to erase America’s history and rewrite it to their liking with two new bills that would rename over 1,000 geographic places that they claim to be racist.

The latest effort to erase history is being spearheaded by failed Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren who falsified her own “Native American” heritage in order to dishonestly gain an advantage academically and professionally who along with fellow radicals including Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Al Green introduced the Reconciliation in Place Names Act.

According to Warren; “We need to immediately stop honoring the ugly legacy of racism and bigotry, and that’s why I’m introducing the Reconciliation in Place Names Act with my colleagues,” she said. “This is about ending egregious expressions of systemic racism and bigotry, and taking a step toward dismantling white supremacy in our economy and society. It’s about building an America that lives up to its highest ideals.”

Rep Greene added; “I have been an outspoken proponent of reconciliation for the vestiges of our nation’s seminal sin – slavery. Racism, even in geography, cannot be tolerated in a country that strives for liberty and justice for all.”

While the Democrats declined to provide their list of what exactly is on the chopping block, a statement posted on Markey’s website references “1,441 federally recognized places were identified as having questionable names. These places range from national forests, streams, and wilderness areas to features within the built environment such as bridges and monuments.”

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If passed, the legislation would bypass the authority of the United States Board on Geographic Names which is the federal body tasked with such things by creating a purely political entity in the Advisory Committee on Reconciliation in Place Names to oversee the cancellation crusade.

The House version of the bill has 25 co-sponsors including “Squad” members Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush while the Senate version adds fire-breathing radicals Cory Booker and Tammy Duckworth to the Warren-Markey gang.

The legislation drew harsh criticism from some including the conservative Heritage Foundation; “This has nothing to do with the intended purpose but in an attempt to rewrite our history, no different than the way the Russian Communist Party used to rewrite the Great Soviet Encyclopedia whenever someone fell out of favor with the party,” according to Hans von Spakovsky, a senior fellow at the foundations’ Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.

He added; “We should do all we can to preserve all of our history, both good and bad, so that we are well-educated on everything this country has experienced and to ensure that we do not in the future make some of the mistakes we have made in the past,” he said. “Destroying and rewriting history that does not fit within today’s cultural norms is a mistake.”

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The practice of doing away with history is commonplace with despotic regimes, especially those under communism which has much in common with the “woke” left as well as with Islamist fundamentalists like ISIS and the Taliban.

Just as in professionals sports with the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians being scalped of their longtime nicknames, the political left has been emboldened by the lack of serious resistance to their cultural revolution.

It was never going to stop with the Confederate statues.

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