Dems, Media Set Sights On DeSantis As Hurricane Ian Headed For Florida

TAMPA, FLORIDA - JULY 22: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis walks off stage after speaking during the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit held at the Tampa Convention Center on July 22, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. The event features student activism and leadership training, and a chance to participate in a series of networking events with political leaders. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A few Democrats, along with some of the stellar individuals that make up the current mainstream media (propagandists) looked almost completely giddy with joy at the idea of Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis failing a high-profile test as Hurricane Ian flew toward the state. Because the left knows that you never, ever allow a good crisis to go to waste, especially when all of the devastation and disaster one causes could end up taking down one of your enemies. Hey, what’s a few live lost and destroyed when you can get rid of a conservative opponent? It’s for the greater good!

Emergency management teams in Florida were buzzing around on Tuesday trying to warn residents that the hurricane was on its way and to batten down the hatches and, if necessary, evacuate coastal areas. All while this was happening, left-leaning publication Politico was framing the whole situation as some sort of test that could determine whether or not DeSantis really deserved all of the spotlight he’s received over the last few years.

“Gov. Ron DeSantis spent his first term becoming one of the most influential Republicans in the country,” the outlet went on to write about the governor. “But he still hasn’t faced one of the toughest challenges a Florida leader can encounter: a hurricane.”

“The report cited former Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator Craig Fugate, who put the handling of a potentially lethal event in stark political terms,” the Daily Wire reported.

“Fail a response: hard to get reelected, and your agenda stalls,” Fugate remarked. “Do it well, though, and it “adds capital to your agenda, and it sets you up for higher office.”

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You can almost hear the glee, can’t you? These folks are so sick and twisted they would love to see whole communities wiped out and devastated just to win a political battle. Doesn’t this seem to conflict with the whole “bleeding heart” deal the left supposedly has going on? An attitude like this hardly seems to be in line with the idea of compassion the left claims their ideology is built upon.

“Reporters in the White House briefing room even framed questions as though they were expecting ‘challenges’ with regard to cooperation between the Biden administration and state officials in Florida,” the Daily Wire said.

Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota who is a senator and former presidential candidate seemingly suggested that putting Democrats in Congress during the upcoming midterm elections would somehow, magically, help prevent future hurricanes. Uh oh, kids. Somebody’s been binge watching the Harry Potter movies on repeat again.

“We just did something about climate change for the first time in decades,” Klobuchar commented, apparently making a reference to the Inflation Reduction Act. “That’s why we’ve gotta win this as that hurricane bears down on Florida.”

I’m not sure what Klobuchar is on, but it must be some super strong stuff for her to be under the delusion that somehow voting in a politician, regardless of party, is somehow going to affect the weather.

“But DeSantis Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw was quick to fire back at the suggestions, noting that DeSantis had been on top of the state’s preparation and response to the threatening hurricane from the very beginning,” the report said.

“Florida has some of the world’s best emergency management leadership and personnel,” Pushaw said in a tweet. “Governor DeSantis and his team are doing everything possible to ensure our state is prepared. Sorry to disappoint the liberal media activists who are constantly cheering for the destruction of Florida.”

“Setting aside the disgusting framing and premise of the article… This is false, @Mdixon55,” Pushaw added, addressing Dixon directly. “Governor DeSantis did a briefing in Pinellas yesterday. He is getting ready for a briefing in Sarasota right now.”

She then turned her attention to Klobuchar, saying, “Florida has experienced hurricanes throughout recorded history, before Democrats and Republicans existed. But the Party of Science will never miss an opportunity to play politics with a natural disaster. Gross and shameless.”

Well, we just witnessed first-hand how much hatred lies in the hearts of the Democratic Party for those who hold to different beliefs than their own. Is it any wonder we are so divided as a country? How can we come back together from this?

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