Dems Send 'Secret Weapon' To Swing State To Beg Voters To Dump Trump

In a move that makes absolutely no sense to most Americans, Democrats are sending out their "secret weapon" to a crucial swing state to convince voters to turn on President Donald Trump.

In an op-ed for The Washington Post, actress Jane Fonda revealed that she is teaming up with liberal groups and traveling to Pennsylvania to beg voters to dump Trump ahead of the 2020 election.


Fonda said she's "scared for our democracy" and that she will do everything she can to "roll up her sleeves" and raise political awareness about how awful she thinks Trump is.

The 81-year-old actress-turned-political activist is teaming up with Working America to target working class voters. 

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"I’m scared. I’m scared for our democracy, for our ability to live together in community across lines of race, class and religion. I’m scared for my grandchildren and for the planet. The country is contorted and polarized, with the flames of hate fanned by leaders at the highest level," Fonda wrote in her op-ed.

"I saw a path forward recently in Scranton, Pennsylvania where I spent a hot, humid evening knocking on doors with Working America," she said, adding she's hardly recognized and only gives her first name when she's speaking with voters.  

Fonda went on to claim that she "convinced" several voters that they needed to dump Trump in 2020.

"It’s voters like these we need to talk with — those who are dispirited and confused like Steve; ambivalent like Edith; and uninformed like Sharon," Fonda wrote.

Fonda's stunt and comments aren't surprising given she has a long history of anti-Trump behavior.

Late last year, the Hollywood progressive said that it's "hard to breathe" knowing Trump is in office. 

She also bizarrely claimed Trump was "brutalized" by his father and that now "suffers from PTSD."

“I believe he suffers from PTSD because like many men he was, I believe, brutalized by his father when he was very, very young. And some men … lose empathy for others [and] also totally lack empathy. And he has been very brutal with his own sons. Father son, father son, it's very sad. I hate this. I have empathy for him, it's difficult, I try; I work at it," Fonda told The Hollywood Reporter.

In August, her brother Peter Fonda -- who recently passed away -- called for deliberate voter fraud in order to stop Trump and Republicans.

Peter also made headlines for disgustingly saying he wanted to "rip Barron Trump from his mother" and place him in a "cage with pedophiles."