DESPERATION: Warren Unveils Plan To Stop Coronavirus – By Defunding Trump’s ‘Racist Wall’

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has a plan to stop the spread of the coronavirus in America, and it includes opening up America’s borders and removing the one thing that could stop a potentially infected person from entering the country.

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During a CNN townhall on Thursday night, Warren desperately tried to keep her failing campaign afloat by saying she will introduce new legislation that would divert funds from President Donald Trump’s border wall towards fighting the Coronavirus.

CNN host Don Lemon triggered Warren’s vitriol by asking, “Just tonight, President Trump detailed the administration’s response to the spread of the Coronavirus. And I want to tell you what it includes: it includes stopping non-U.S. citizens from coming to the U.S. from China, screening people from coming into the country from infected areas; quarantining those infected, and developing a vaccine. Do you think that response is sufficient, senator?”

Warren answered, “No. But let’s start — this really is serious. And we have a lot to talk about here. We know that with any virus that develops the most vulnerable will be our children, seniors, people with compromised immune systems, or undergoing treatment. So this one is tough. So the way I think about this is first we think about allocation — our overall approach. I’m going to be introducing a bill tomorrow to take every dime that the president is now spending on his racist wall at our southern border and divert it to work on the coronavirus.”

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Warren shared copies of the bill on Twitter earlier on Thursday morning.

“The coronavirus outbreak poses serious health, diplomatic, and economic threats to the United States, and we must be prepared to confront it head-on,” she said. “Rather than use taxpayer dollars to pay for a monument to hate and division, my bill will help ensure that the federal government has the resources it needs to adequately respond to this emergency.”

Warren’s proposal bill states: “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any unobligated Federal funds appropriated or otherwise made available to plan, develop or construct a physical barrier along the international border between the United States and Mexico shall be immediately transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services and the United States Agency for International Development for the express purpose of combating coronavirus disease (COVID-19).”

In total, Trump has secured over $3 billion to build the border wall. He has received the funds by declaring a national emergency, through congressional channels, and other means to transfer roughly $7 billion more to find the wall.

Amazing that Democrats plan to keep Americans safe is to harm our national security and defund the border wall, the one thing playing a critical role in preventing countless unidentified people from crossing into our country.

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