Despite Call For Unity, Biden Silent After Trump Supporters Are Viciously Attacked

In a terrifying preview of the hell that awaits conservatives in Joe Biden’s America, a series of vicious and violent attacks were unleashed on Trump supporters on Saturday. 

The cowardly beatings came at the end of a day when tens of thousands of patriotic Americans peacefully marched in the nation’s capital in support of President Trump and against an election that has all the indications of being plagued by fraud. 

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It was a beautiful November day when citizens were able to peaceably assemble in the finest of American traditions but there are those who hate us for our freedoms and are determined to destroy those with who they disagree by any means necessary. 

When darkness fell and the majority of the crowd had dispersed, ANTIFA thugs emerged to assault the president’s supporters including women, children and the elderly in a disgraceful demonstration of how the Democrats have utilized criminal actions by their political shock troops. 

According to on-the-ground accounts, Trump supporters were sucker-punched, beaten, showered with vulgarities and in at least one incident, had an unidentified “liquid’ poured on them. 

An elderly man was reportedly chased down the street while one of Biden’s goons yelled: “Get the f**k out of here! You better run motherf**ker! You better run motherf**ker!”

Another elderly person found himself at the mercy of the mob. 

More truly disturbing attacks by Biden’s supporters:

Once again, the police in Mayor Muriel Bowser’s fiefdom largely stood down while the brutalizing of law-abiding citizens spilled across Washington’s streets. 

Such political violence should be instantly recognizable by those who are cognizant of history and familiar with the Sturmabteilung, the paramilitary terrorism arm of a certain infamous German regime, and who are more commonly known as the Brownshirts. 

For those who say that “it can’t happen here,” it IS happening here. 

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The savagery in D.C. comes one week after Biden broke into the nationally-televised college football game between Notre Dame and Clemson to declare his victory and in one of the most hypocritical requests by an American politician in recent memory, called for “unity” after he had spent months stoking racial resentment with the very fine people “on both sides” hoax. 

As of Sunday morning, Biden has not denounced the attacks on peaceful, law-abiding Americans.

President Trump offered a stark contrast to good old Joe from Scranton’s silence on the violence. 

Trump tweeted:

ANTIFA SCUM ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the Trump Rally, because those people aggressively fought back. Antifa waited until tonight, when 99% were gone, to attack innocent #MAGA People. DC Police, get going — do your job and don’t hold back!!!

This not the type of conduct that is supposed to take place in America and the question needs to be asked: where is Attorney General William Barr?

The nation’s top law enforcement official has spent more time hiding than Biden before the election.