Despite Having the Most COVID Deaths in the USA, Chris Cuomo Calls Brother The "Best Politician in the Country"

Far-left CNN host Chris Cuomo hailed his older brother and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as the "best politician in the country" while defending him from attacks on his failed coronavirus response.

The two brothers have used the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to bolster their popularity considering Chris Cuomo has had Andrew Cuomo on his show multiple times. While the state of New York is in shambles, the two always seem to be busy making jokes on air.


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On Wednesday however, Chris Cuomo defended his brother for attacks relating to how Andrew Cuomo moved coronavirus patients into nursing homes which led to many deaths.

“Me having you on the show is an unusual thing. We’ve never really done it, but this was an unusual time and there were unusual needs,” Chris Cuomo said on Wednesday.

The CNN host ignored all the failed actions taken by his brother and instead thanked him for stepping up “in an unusual way that really was created by a vacuum of power on the federal level.” Cuomo was referring to President Trump who let individual governors decide how they wanted to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Chris Cuomo continued: “I won’t always be able to keep having you on the show. It will never be seen as fair in people’s eyes and we both get that and that’s okay.”

To wrap up the show, Chris Cuomo praised his brother for his coronavirus response which is extremely ironic considering New York was by far the worst state when it comes to coronavirus cases and deaths.

“I hope you are able to appreciate what you did in your state,” Chris Cuomo said. “I’m wowed by what you did and more importantly, I’m wowed by how you did it.”

“Obviously, I’ll never be objective. Obviously, I think you’re the best politician in the country, but I hope you feel good about what you did for your people, because I know they appreciate it,” he added. “Nothing’s perfect, you’ll have your critics, but I’ve never seen anything like what you did and that’s why I’m so happy to have had you on the show, and I hope you know that.”

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WATCH the clip below:

Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

Gov. Cuomo, along with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, oversaw a confused and delayed pandemic response that contributed significantly to the spread of the outbreak in New York City, according to investigations by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Gov. Cuomo’s response also had a far-reaching impact for the rest of the nation, according to a May study on the virus’ spread throughout the United States. Yale School of Public Health epidemiologist Nathan Grubaugh said New York was likely “the primary gateway” for the virus into and across the US, with choices made by state and local officials exacerbating the spread.

Arguably the most targeted criticism Cuomo has faced has been over his decision to send coronavirus-positive but recovering patients to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. The governor barred nursing homes from turning away medically-stable patients who had been hospitalized with the coronavirus, without regard for whether they were contagious. The policy resulted in thousands of people with Covid-19 being placed in nursing homes among some of the most vulnerable people.

The governor has dismissed taking responsibility for the high fatality rate from the disease among New York’s elderly population. He blamed President Trump for his state’s slow response because “the federal government missed the boat and never told us this virus was coming from Europe and not from China,” Cuomo told NSNBC on Tuesday.

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