Dinesh D’Souza Unloads On Biden, Reveals How He’s Creating A ‘Shadow State’

Conservative author and speaker Dinesh D’Souza is sounding the alarm on how the Biden administration is creating a shadow state in America.

During an episode on his popular podcast, D’Souza argued that liberals are pushing the nation closer to fascism than ever before.

“When we think of fascism, we often think of Hitler’s regime in Germany,” he says.

“And Hitler’s regime was in a sense fascist, but it added all these new elements, including a kind of systematic antisemitism, or targeting of Jews that was not part of original fascism,” he added.

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“It controlled the private sector. It cajoled the private sector into doing what the state wanted. And we’re seeing this happen in America, too. We’re seeing the creation of, you could almost call it a shadow state,” he continued.

“This is a term that the political scientist, Jonathan Turley, uses — a shadow state referring to the government, working in kind of tandem with private corporations, with private media companies to do things that the government itself is forbidden from doing to impose coercion, including censorship on people that the government itself can’t do,” he said.

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“There needs to be a comprehensive regime of censorship,” he explained, saying the Biden administration is putting pressure on social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to ban people and suppress speech that they claim is “misleading.”

“They want you to become a non-person. You have a point of view and you can maybe tell your neighbor about it, but you have no way to express it now,” he said.

“These are not ordinary businesses,” D’Souza said.

He continued: “They were created as neutral platforms of communication between people. They were given special immunity from lawsuits on that basis. And yet these corporations having established virtual monopolies are now essentially rigging the democratic process” on a variety of topics, not just health-related ones, but on issues of gender identity and election fraud.

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“Public health is only one of the issues,” he says.

“And look, what can happen here is that you have citizens who essentially don’t go along and they become non-persons. You can’t work over here. You can eat over there. You can go see a movie. You can’t express yourself on social media. So you, in a sense disappear in your own society as a citizen,” he concluded.

Any opinion that diverges from the government line must be extinguished is apparently the position of the Biden administration.

It’s taking “cancel culture” to new extremes and it will only take America down a darker path going forward, as Dinesh explained.