Disgusting: The UN-Backed “IOM” is Handing Money to Illegal Immigrants

Much as leftist, globalist NGOs might clamor for American dollars and funding, they certainly hate traditional America with a burning passion. They leech off our prosperity and agitate for our decline.

One such anti-American NGO that’s sucking up US dollars is the International Organization for Migration, or IOM, which is a UN (and thus US) funded organization.

Though the total level of funding support is unclear, what is known, according to a State Department 2019 summary, is that the IOM spent ~$60 million that year on activities around the border and in South America.

And what does the IOM spend all of those crisp, new American bills on? Well, handing money, often in the form of debit cards, to illegal immigrants. That’s according to the Federalist, which had this to say:

During a recent trip to a Reynosa, Mexico migrant camp, I took photos of a United Nations-supported International Organization for Migration (IOM) operation to hand out cash debit cards to intending and repeat border crossers.

One of two workers at a plastic folding table inside the Reynosa camp, which was filled to capacity with at least 1,200 mostly U.S.-expelled Central Americans, said they were distributing the cards for IOM to help migrants waiting until they cross the Rio Grande at greater leisure to claim asylum, for which most will be declared ineligible years later. Many parents, for instance, got about $400 every 15 days, I was told, or $800 a month if they were still there to collect it, although the support level varied.

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And that’s just the beginning. The same Federalist article also reports that:

The IOM is handing out cash and other material support to intending illegal border crossers in as many as 100 other shelters it helped build, expand, or supports from Central America north.

That’s right, American tax dollars first head to the UN, where incompetent bureaucrats and technocrats slosh them about and decide to what corrupt, anti-Western NGO they’ll be distributed. Then, some uncertain millions of them are wired over the IOM, which uses American cash to fund those illegal immigrants breaking into America.

Furthermore, the IOM isn’t even hiding what the cash is intended for; it specifically states that it’s meant to be used for “safe tenure, to reduce the risk of forced eviction.

So, American tax dollars are eventually ending up in the hands of those who use them to undercut American immigration policy.

Luckily, many Americans are furious about that funneling of cash to those that take advantage of us, and are starting to fight back. One such man is Rep. Lance Gooden, who, the Federalist reports, partnered with 11 other House Republicans to introduce:

the “No Tax Dollars for the United Nations Immigration Invasion Act” bill. It would prohibit the $3.8 billion in contributions currently proposed in the White House 2022 budget to the IOM and other UN-supported organizations. A Daily Caller story that broke news of the bill’s introduction quoted Gooden citing my Reynosa photos.

However, it’s unclear if that bill will go anywhere, as the House is currently controlled by the far-left Democrats, most of whom have no intention of taking action on the illegal immigration problem, much less dealing with it in so substantive a way.

States, however, might be able to fight back more effectively. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for example, recently put forward a 6-part plan to fight those funding the illegal immigration problem.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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