DNC Boss: Trump Opposition To Vote By Mail Scam Is Effort To Steal Election

Democrats are exploiting the state of mass hysteria over the coronavirus in order to push through radical changes in the way that America votes in ways that will benefit them. 

At the forefront of their agenda is the hasty national implementation of a vote-by-mail system that will be an invitation for widespread ballot fraud and will enable the practice of vote harvesting. 


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Dubbed "cheat-by-mail" by those who can see through this disgusting scheme, the idea is facing fierce opposition including from President Trump whose reelection hopes could be severely damaged if Dems get their way. 

That Democrats are willing to lie, cheat, steal and manipulate the system if that is what it takes to regain total political power is a given and as they are prone to do, they accuse others of exactly that which they are doing. 

According to DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Trump's opposition to this grand scale fraud is tantamount to stealing the election.  

Via Breitbart News, "DNC Chair Perez: Trump’s Vote-by-Mail Opposition a ‘Desperate Effort to Steal an Election’":

Wednesday on MSNBC, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez accused President Donald Trump of attempting to “steal the election” by opposing vote-by-mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Host Chris Hayes said, “For more on the president’s efforts to subvert the democratic process, I’m joined by the chair of the Democratic National Committee. I’m always conflicted about, you know, stories of the variety the president tweeted. He tweets a lot of things and most of it is nonsense or lies or liable or slander or whatever. But the way he attacked absentee voting today struck me as genuinely dangerous and genuinely sort of threatening to democracy. How high on the priority list is it for you to do what you can to the safeguard administration of free and fair elections this fall?”

Perez said, “It’s the highest priority, Chris because we know that you’re going to see voter suppression on steroids in the months ahead. We had a conversation I know about the election in Wisconsin recently where they tried to weaponize the pandemic to suppress the vote and steal the state supreme court race. It failed miserably. That’s what you’re going to see.”


He added, “What we have to do between now and November is make sure that every single voter in every single state has a choice. The choice to vote on election day. So the choice to early vote, the more days of early voting, the more social distancing you do and the right to vote absentee with no excuse, the right to vote by mail. Republicans and Democrats agree on that. This president, in a desperate effort to steal an election, is going to stop at nothing.”

Pot, meet kettle. 

Democrats fully understand that outside of the coastal enclaves of the cultural elite and the greater Chicago-area that their policies are poison to real Americans and that cheating is the only way to win. 

Last month, Perez penned an editorial claiming that Republicans were using the virus as an excuse to partake in widespread voter suppression. 

Via The Hill, "Republicans put lives in danger to try to steal an election — now they want to take your away right to vote":

On election night in Wisconsin last week, I spoke to a mother of two undergoing chemotherapy treatment. She prides herself on being an active participant in our democracy, and she made a timely request for an absentee ballot. But it didn’t arrive until after Election Day. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, going to a polling location could have been extremely hazardous to her health. One would think the elected officials who represent her would fight to make sure she could make her voice heard without risking her safety. Instead, Wisconsin Republicans fought to suppress her constitutional right to vote.  

She is not alone. Thousands of voters across Wisconsin were disenfranchised for no other reason than craven Republican self-interest. They wanted to win the election for a seat on the state’s Supreme Court. They knew they couldn’t win it by letting people vote, so what did they do? They exploited a public health emergency in an attempt to steal the election. One Wisconsin voter brought a sign to the polls that said it best: “This is ridiculous.”

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But thousands did not die in Wisconsin despite Perez and the Democrat media's pathetic fear-mongering nor will tens of thousands die this fall if cheat-by-mail isn't implemented. 

Nancy Pelosi will continue to hold economic aid to suffering Americans does not include funding and provisions that will allow for the Democrats to steal the election; an evil and unconscionable stance that would not be tolerated in a nation with an honest media. 

Too bad that we don't live in one anymore. 

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are also pushing for the transformation of elections while President Trump is threatening to withhold federal funding from states that go rogue and implement mail-in voting.