‘DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE?’: Rudy Giuliani Goes Scorched Earth Ahead Of Georgia Runoffs

Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani implored Georgia Republicans to “do the right thing” on Wednesday during testimony ahead of next week’s two U.S. Senate run-off elections that will decide who controls the chamber and, likely, the very future of our country.

“There are ten ways to demonstrate that this election was stolen, that the votes were phony, that there were a lot of them,” he said. “Dead people. Felons. Phony ballots. Phony mail-in ballots.

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“How is it that in every single Republican county in this state, state senators ran ahead of the president by four-to-six percent? Every single one. Exactly the same – four-to-six percent?” Giuliani said, adding that it’s “just in the states where they fixed the vote” the phenomenon occurred.

“I’m tired of demonstrating it. There are so many ways of demonstrating it, you know it,” he added. “This is a question of courage. It’s ultimately a question of courage.

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“Do you have the courage to stand up to the obligation the Constitution of the United States put on you to save our people from fraud, to save the reputation of the state of Georgia…from certifying a phony vote that led to the wrong result in an election, which be the verdict of history, or do you have the courage to put up with what’s gonna happen if you, in fact, change that certification and do the right thing?” he continued. 

The lead campaign lawyer for President Donald Trump went on to note that, should the Georgia lawmakers overturn the current results, they are going to be mercilessly attacked by Democrats, their lapdogs in the media, and even some fellow Republicans who either support the steal or don’t have the stones themselves to stand up and do what’s right.

Nevertheless, Giuliani preached, that’s what has to happen if we ever want free and fair elections again.

“You’ll be able to wake up the next morning and look in a mirror and say, ‘I did the right thing,’” he told the lawmakers. “And that’s what you should be about in public office, not worried about what people say but what you did.

“And I’ll tell you another thing. Your decision will stand the test of history,” the former New York City mayor said. “Because this is gonna prove to be even worse than it is now, and it’s pretty bad. So, I implore you [to] hold a session, take a vote, do the right thing, and forget the criticism. You know what the right thing to do is. You’ve seen the evidence, you know what the law is, and I implore you to do the right thing, not necessarily for President Trump…now, it’s really become much bigger than that.

“For the American people, and so this stops,” Giuliani said, smacking his hand down on the podium for emphasis. “No more of this stuff in America. This is the stuff you do in a third-world country. We let ‘em get away with this, it’ll get much worse.”

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He’s absolutely right, of course. It’s the same logic behind complaints that Trump’s FBI and Justice Department refused to punish anyone connected with illegally spying on his campaign; no punishment means no one is held accountable, meaning some of those same people will continue to abuse their powers (and our trust) with impunity.

One state has to break the logjam and be the first to do the right thing. Will Georgia’s lawmakers have the courage?

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