DOJ Establishes Another Office to Waste More Tax Payer Money

Attorney General Merrick Garland made the announcement that a new office inside the Department of Justice would be the office of environmental justice and would oversee and help guide the justice department’s wide ranging environmental justice efforts. The office was created as part of the Department’s “comprehensive environmental justice enforcement strategy,” in compliance with the Biden administration’s January 2021 executive order directing the Attorney General to develop such a strategy in conjunction with the EPA. “Although violations of our environmental laws can happen anywhere, communities of color, indigenous communities, and low-income communities often bear the brunt of the harm caused by environmental crime, pollution, and climate change,” Garland said.

The department will prioritize cases that will have the greatest impact on communities that have been overburdened by environmental harm. It will work with the Civil Rights Division, the Office for Access to Justice, Office for Tribal of Tribal Justice, and the United States attorney’s office. It’s not bad enough we have the Environmental Protection Agency, we now have to have a special Office of Environmental Justice that will specialize only in groups who have environmental crime. I mean have you ever heard of environmental crime? Are they going to have people with guns and swat teams going after polluters? Are they going to start jumping after people who litter?

It seems all the kids from the 1990s that always dreamed of being planet crusaders have grown up to make their own Captain Planet office in the Department of Justice. All the same feel-good virtue signaling of saving the planet, like Captain Planet, none of the superpowers, work, or impact. With our powers combined we can eliminate Environmental Injustice, is their motto, but the reality is with our tax dollars combined we can employ more people to pick their nose and look at the spreadsheets. Why do we need an Office of Environmental Justice? Is this to boost the employment numbers?

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Gupta also said that the broader strategy also directs all 93 United States Attorneys to designate an “environmental justice coordinator” to identify “areas of concern” within their jurisdictions, and to establish procedures for the public to report them.

Ah yes, we must also employ at least 93 other people on the taxpayer’s dime for this nonsense at the state level. We have the largest deficits ever in the history of our country, we are facing unbelievable amounts of pressure in inflation, so the brilliant idea is to spend more money. The reason we have high inflation is because of the government spending so much incredible money on nothing most of the time. This is reminiscent of the Reagan era golden toilets and the billions of dollars spent to study ketchup as a vegetable. It’s government bloat plain and simple. It’s waste and it’s garbage, and it will be our tax dollars that will be used to punitively and arbitrarily examine every little thing we do. Next we’ll see that it’s environmental injustice to have a diesel tractor running to grow food or a gasoline engine to mow your lawn.


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