DOJ Throws Support Behind Lawsuit Against Dictatorial Illinois Governor

The federal government is showing increasing signs that it is no longer going to tolerate the dictatorial decrees of blue state Democrat governors who continue to oppress their citizens. 

Now that it is apparent that the lockdowns were a catastrophic overreaction based on bogus models that predicted piles of dead bodies that never materialized, states are beginning to reopen unless they are ruled by power-drunk Dems. 


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One of the most flagrant and tyrannical offenders is J.B. Pritzker, the morbidly obese and obscenely rich governor of Illinois whose draconian orders include the indefinite closure of churches and threats of arrests against business owners who defy him. 

On Friday, The Department Of Justice sent a warning shot whistling across Pritzker's bow when it moved to support a lawsuit by an Republican Illinois legislator that the governor is exceeding the power of his office by extending the lockdowns. 

Via The Chicago Tribune, "Department of Justice declares its support of lawsuit challenging Pritzker’s stay-at-home order":

The Department of Justice intervened Friday in support of a challenge to Illinois’ stay-at-home coronavirus order, calling for the case to be transferred back to state court.

The U.S. attorney general’s office filed a statement of interest in the case of Downstate Republican state Rep. Darren Bailey, writing, “Plaintiff has set forth a strong case that the Orders exceed the authority granted to the Governor by the Illinois legislature.”

Bailey had won an initial ruling last month to be freed from Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s executive order shutting down most businesses and churches and requiring people to stay home except under limited circumstances. When Bailey asked to broaden that ruling to invalidate the order for all citizens statewide, the Illinois attorney general Thursday transferred the case to federal court, citing constitutional issues such as freedom of religion and due process.

The state was expected to have a better shot of protecting its lockdown order in federal court, where judges have ruled in several cases in favor of maintaining such orders in Illinois and elsewhere.

The case should be sent back to state court, the feds argued, because it raises claims only under state law, not the U.S. Constitution.

The Department of Justice issued a statement that the intervention was part of Attorney General William Barr’s initiative “to review state and local policies to ensure that civil liberties are protected during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The DOJ also sent a letter to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Friday warning that the extensions of his punishing lockdowns was unlawful. 

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Pritzker was also on President Trump's mind when on Friday the leader of the free world called for the despotic Democrats to reopen the churches. 

Gov. Pritzker isn't going to to quietly and responded to Trump by citing "data and science" as reasons why he would not comply. 

This would be the same "science" that Democrats have invoked to justify the climate change death cult, that men can menstruate and get pregnant and that genders are not limited to male and female. 

Junk science. 

It is now apparent that the Democrat governors are not going to budge one inch on their oppressive diktats and extinguishing of civil liberties and they are now on a collision course with the Trump administration. 

Governor Pritzker may soon find out that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.