Don Lemon Just Got Awful News Concerning His Sexual Assault Allegations

Last week, far-left CNN host Don Lemon got awful news after he was accused of sexual assault. Unfortunately for Lemon, things just took a turn for the worse considering the boss of the victim who came out with the initial allegation is claiming that he witnessed the situation.

Dustin Hice filed a lawsuit against Lemon last week seeking $1.5 million, claiming that Lemon assaulted him after he offered to buy the CNN host a drink.

Hice’s boss is also now coming forward, confirming that the incident did indeed take place.

“Dustin worked for me as a bartender [and] we went out after work one night. We were standing there and he said, ‘Hey, that’s Don Lemon,'” Gounelas said. “Murf’s is a place you go to drink after you’ve been out drinking. We had just gotten off of work. So that’s why we ended up there, because we worked in the restaurant business. So by the time everything is done, we can only hit a late-night spot.”

According to Gounelas, Hice went up to Lemon and offered to purchase a drink for him. Lemon declined the offer but later went up to the two men.

“Don Lemon has now come around the corner and is standing face to face with us,” Gounelas continued. “There is a beam, a pole, in the place. Don’s standing up against the pole, face to face with Dustin, I turn around and I’m standing right there between the two of them. He’s saying, ‘So you like me? Is that why you’re bothering me?'”

“Nah, man, I just wanted to say, ‘What’s up?'” Hice said according to his boss.

Gounelas added that Lemon seemed to be drunk. Lemon then said something “along the lines of ‘Do you like me? Is that why you’re bothering me, because you wanna f*** me?'”

“He put his hands down his pants, inside his board shorts, grabbed his [genitals], and then came out with two fingers and, like, clipped Dustin’s nose up and down with two fingers asking ‘do you like p**** or d***?'” Gounelas said.

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Check out what the Daily Wire reported in relation to the incident:

Gounelas’ account of what happened closely matches the claims made by Hice in his lawsuit, which was first reported by Mediaite.

A source close to Hice’s attorney says that Lemon offered a six-figure settlement to resolve the matter before discussions failed and Hice filed the lawsuit.

Don Lemon has denied the allegations and CNN has defended him, saying: “The plaintiff in this lawsuit has previously displayed a pattern of contempt for CNN on his social media accounts.”

This incident involving Lemon is latest in a series of embarrassing incidents with which the far-left network has had to contend in recent weeks.

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