Don Lemon Tells Black Voters Not To Vote For Trump Because Of Economy

Although the African American community is flourishing because of President Trump's inclusive and powerful economy, far-left CNN host Don Lemon is telling the black community to ignore President Trump's economy because of the "president's racist behavior."

On Friday, Lemon and his guests downplayed the record low African American unemployment rates. Although this is an amazing feat for the black community, Lemon said that it didn't matter because of Trump's "racist behavior." He also added that we should praise Obama instead of President Trump.


"It started going down though in the Obama administration. It was 16.8 percent in March of 2010. And it dropped to 7.8 percent; a 54 percent reduction under President Obama," said guest Keith Boykin. "And Trump while … while this was happening denied that it was even happening. He called the numbers fake news; until he came into office and suddenly all the numbers he said were fake were magically real. And so, he took credit for the momentum that has … has occurred since that time."

"So, we have 8.9 percent in the Obama presidency and down by 2.5 percent in this presidency," Lemon jumped in. "As you said, it is good news. It is a good trend. But it didn't start under this President and the numbers actually declined much stronger under the former President."

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Lemon the questioned how black Americans will vote considering the record low unemployment ratings and the President's "racist behavior" according to Lemon.

"I think the message is something that does not resonate with black communities and brown communities simply because of the rhetoric that has come out of the White House," said Jospeh Pinion. "And so, I think I said almost two years ago to the day on this program that if someone spits in your face and then hands you a napkin, you don’t get to say thank you."

"As you say, if someone spits in your face and hands you a napkin, how…what is that supposed to…I don’t understand that argument," Lemon replied. "Does that mean that the only part of your brain, or the only part of our being that matters is money? Rather than how someone treats you and what someone says about you?"

All the liberal panelists agreed that President Trump can't take any credit for the booming economy especially for the black American unemployment rating.

"Donald Trump had little to nothing to do with the drop in unemployment for African-Americans," said Boykin. "No one can … no one who talks about this in the Republican Party can cite a single policy contributed by Donald Trump that is responsible for the drop in black unemployment. It's all because of policies that … that started long ago. It wasn't the tax cut or anything like that. Policies started long ago in the Obama administration when we started to see the drop. And the other thing is that Obama had the good sense not to go out and brag about it every time that there was a drop in unemployment because he knew that it's still too high compared to the white unemployment rate."

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