DON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES! Top YouTuber Exposes Sneaky Video Editing Tricks That Made Rudy Giuliani Look Bad

In a brand new video, popular YouTuber “Meet Kevin” (who has almost 1 million subscribers) blows the whistle on the “Rudy Giuliani incident” from the upcoming Borat movie.

As you may have seen, a “compromising” video clip of Giuliani with a young woman was spread by liberals in an attempt to ruin his credibility after his great work exposing massive corruption in the Biden crime family.

The clip appears to show Giuliani “touching himself” as the fake reporter stands a few feet away from him, but Kevin proves that this scene is EDITED in a way to make Giuliani look really bad.

Kevin also shows how several seconds of footage were likely cut from the raw footage in order to men Giuliani look even more “guilty”.

Watch Kevin’s excellent breakdown to learn the full truth about this situation. Make sure to give his video a “LIKE” and share it with everyone who has questions:

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Kevin doesn’t excuse a few of Giuliani’s actions, such as patting the girl on the lower back, but the conclusion of this fiasco is not what the left is making it out to be.

Liberals on social media have seen this clip and accused Giuliani of “attempting to have sex with a 15 year old girl”.


Giuliani was set up by the team filming the new Borat movie and they got him in a room alone with this young woman. From there, the magic of video editing did the rest. 

In summary:

Giuliani was NOT “touching himself”…he was tucking his shirt back in after they removed his microphone chord.

Giuliani did NOT “spring up from the bed” as the video makes it appear…there were several seconds edited to make it look that way.

Giuliani did NOT make any sexual advances. He did in fact pat her on the lower back, but that did not suggest that things were going to “go further”.

And yes, this was all one big SETUP to make him look bad!

Please make sure to watch the video in full to learn the TRUTH! The media is lying to you again. Don’t fall for it!

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