Donald Trump Jr. Declares Law and Order Won't Exist in 'Joe Biden's America'

Whether or not Joe Biden ever really was a ‘moderate’ Democrat may be up for debate, though a more apt description of him is that of ‘consummate Washington insider’ and an ‘establishment politician.’

Now, however, in his mental twilight, Biden has ‘shifted’ to the hard-Left, chiefly because he’s being dragged there by Marxist/socialists who have hijacked his party and are now using it to destroy America’s founding institutions and principles in the name of ‘wokeness.’



And one of the policies that the newly-Left-wing Biden embraces is anarchy, compliments of elements of the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa.

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In an interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” morning program Friday, presidential son Donald Trump Jr. hit on this topic, noting that if we wake up Nov. 4 to “President-elect Joe Biden,” the lawlessness we’re seeing across the country (that no longer has a damned thing to do with George Floyd) is only going to get worse.

“I don't want CHOP [the protest zone in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle] and those kinds of zones coming into my backyard, and that's what the left is trying to do,” Trump Jr. said." “They want that to take over the rest of America. They don't want the rule of law and that would be Joe Biden's America.”

Newsmax adds:

His comments came a day after the president said in a video message on Twitter that he'll continue to protect the nation's monuments and statutes and that his administration won't let "lawlessness" go on and "prevail any longer."

Trump Jr. said he thinks it is "really important" for Americans to hear his father's strong statements and to heed his executive order on law and order, noting that on Thursday, an accused "ringleader" in the attempt to destroy the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square was arrested. 

“They're desecrating World War II monuments dedicated to black soldiers who fought for America,” he said. “This isn't about racism anymore and we have to stop pretending that it is.”

Trump Jr. also blasted the disastrous Left-wing hack of a New York City mayor, Bill DeBlasio, who recently commissioned a “Black Lives Matter” mural across from Trump Tower though he’s cutting funding to the NYPD and other services after shutting down his city due to coronavirus.

“COVID just highlighted his gross incompetence," said Trump Jr., adding that the large protests are "perhaps" the reasons for the current coronavirus spikes.

"You can't go to work, you can't go to church, and you sure as heck can't go to school, but we can gather and protest and not be socially distanced,” he said. "The hypocrisy that comes out of all of these people's mouths is truly disgusting.”

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Yes, it is. And worse, the same hypocrisy is repeated verbatim by armies of mind-altered Leftist trolls who are serving as the shock troops of the Marxist movement that has hijacked the Biden campaign the same way it hijacked the Democrat Party.

President Trump may not be a saint, but we didn’t elect him on the belief that he was the more virtuous candidate. We elected him to drain the swamp (to include Biden) and restore American principles, status, and institutions, and by every measure, he’s been doing that.

So, that’s essentially what’s at stake Nov. 3: The future of our country.