DONE! Oregon State Police Leave Portland After Woke Prosecutor Refuses to Charge Rioters

For weeks, the Marxists who run Portland complained about the outsized presence of federal agents and officers sent to protect the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse.

It was an invasion ordered by President Donald Trump, you see. He’s a ‘dictator,’ don’t you know – the first president ever to send federal agents to protect federal property.

That’s nonsense, of course, but to sane people, little of what emanates from Portland these days makes much sense.

In any event, in response to the constant harping and whining from people like Mayor Ted Wheeler and Gov. Kate Brown, the Trump administration cut a deal to gradually redeploy federal protective service officers and other DHS agents out of the courthouse and out of Portland, replacing them with local and Oregon State Police.

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Well, no sooner than that happened, the Antifa thugs that have been allowed to run wild through Portland streets re-focused their attention back on local cops – and State Patrol officers – as nightly riots continued.

Now, according to The Daily Wire, the Oregon State Police has had enough of the Left-wing lunacy in Portland after the Marxist district attorney announced he wouldn’t be prosecuting anyone for the ‘peaceful’ act of violent rioting.

So, the Oregon State Police are leaving, too:

The Oregon State Police announced on Thursday that it was pulling out its roughly 100 state troopers from protecting the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in downtown Portland after the city’s district attorney announced that he is not pursuing charges against the rioters who have been arrested.

The Oregon State Police had committed to helping local law enforcement officials deal with the violent riots for a period of two weeks, which has now expired.

“We’re in a county that’s not going to prosecute this criminal behavior,” said spokesman Capt. Timothy R. Fox.

“The Oregon State Police is continually reassessing our resources and the needs of our partner agencies and at this time we are inclined to move those resources back to counties where prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority,” Fox added. 

Oh, boom.

Now, the decision isn’t all political. It’s practical. And in fact, it was made in response to direct threats to the physical safety of state patrol officers. 

“OSP Trooper sustained a concussion & whiplash after being struck in the head during the protests in Portland,” the agency tweeted along with a picture of a large rock that had been thrown at the officer by a ‘peaceful protester.’

“State police were sent to Portland on July 30 under an agreement between Gov. Kate Brown and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to try to curtail the clashes throughout the month between federal officers” and violent rioters, The Oregonian reported

“Once state police took over control of the front portico of the courthouse and generally stayed out of sight, a group of protesters turned attention to Portland police precincts in Northeast and Southeast Portland and the police union headquarters in North Portland.”

The Oregon State Police bail-out comes after Attorney General William Barr chastised Democrat Leftists for enabling the violence.

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“What makes me concerned for the country is, this is the first time in my memory that the leaders of one of our great two political parties, the Democratic Party, are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts,” Barr said. “Why can’t we just say: ‘Violence against federal courts has to stop?’ Could we hear something like that?”

That’s a great question that only Oregon’s Democrat majority can (and should) answer.

Meantime, looks like the Portland Police Bureau is on its own. And there’s no telling when they will give up trying to protect citizens.

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