IMPEACH BIDEN? Democrats Push to Impeach Trump For “Incitement” Comment, Forget Biden Said The Same Exact Thing

As the national embarrassment of the Democrats’ impeachment show trial churns on, it has become increasingly evident that the radicalized remnants of what was once a serious political party are fueled by hypocrisy.

Only two days in, the Senate trial has deteriorated into a clown show with Democrats relying heavily on manipulated video footage of last month’s chaos in Washington.

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The key argument for the unprecedented second impeachment of Donald J. Trump who no longer holds the office is that he incited violence based on his remarks to “fight like hell” to election integrity protesters.

However, that argument has been undercut by evidence that his Democrat tormentors including former Vice President Joe Biden who has been installed as Trump’s replacement saying the same thing.

Look below:

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The Republican House Judiciary Committee dug up a 2019 tweet from the man who once boasted of his confrontation with a gang member named Corn Pop that proclaimed:

“That’s why I’ve spent my whole career fighting – and I will continue to fight like hell so that no one ever has to make that walk again.”

Not only did Biden use the same phrase that Democrats and six treacherous RINO’s led by Mitt Romney are using as the justification to lynch Trump, but the top Dem House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin did as well following the death of SCOTUS liberal icon Ruth Ginsburg.

According to the radical leftist college professor turned congressman:

“The GOP rush to replace Justice Ginsburg is all about destroying the Affordable Care Act, women’s health care and reproductive freedom, and the voting rights and civil rights of the people. We must fight like hell to stop this assault on health care and the Constitution.”

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Raskin has frequently used similar language which was dug up by the Trump War Room:

Raskin’s fellow House impeachment manager Eric Swalwell who once had an adulterous fling with a female Chinese spy has also used called for Trump’s adversaries to “fight like hell.”

As has Democrat Rep. Joe Neguse:

The tweets don’t even include the incendiary language used by Democrats like Maxine Waters to call for the harassment of Republicans or some of the party’s top figures’ encouragement of the violence from Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters who went on a national rampage last summer.

Quite simply, the Democrats are hypocrites from top to bottom and should not be taken seriously as their sham impeachment spectacle merits because there is a blatant double standard in how they are treated by their sycophants in the corrupt media.

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