Dr. Fauci and the CDC can say whatever they want about the effectiveness of masks in stopping Covid. This isn’t about them, their claims, or the accuracy of those claims, nor was Dr. Ben Carson’s speech on CPAC.

Rather, his speech hit on a different aspect of the masks, one that the left is loath to bring up: how forcing kids to stay masked at school is affecting their mental and emotional development.

Speaking on that issue, one that’s quite the hot topic considering how schools are tenaciously defending their masking policies, Carson had this to say about the development of children and how facial expressions play into that development:

You look at the mask-wearing, particularly at a young age when you’re trying to develop your sociological image of yourself. And a lot of that is because of positive feedback that you get by looking at people’s facial expressions.”

Then, emphasizing just how much damage masking could do to kids, as the masks prevent them from seeing faces, Dr. Carson said:

We’re going to end up with a whole generation of pathological people who don’t know how to interact with each other.

But masks aren’t the only thing about the current school policies that are hurting America’s children and their development, according to Dr, Carson.

He went on to note that the constant refrain that they might have a disease that could kill loved ones is filling them with guilt, something that’s not healthy for young kids. In his words, those policies:

hurt them by telling them, ‘You may be harboring some deadly disease. You may not be sick, but you may give it to your grandmother, and she may die. Well, grandmothers do get older and they do die, and now they’re going to feel guilty about that.”

There’s also, according to Dr. Carson, a third way in which the leftists running schools are wrecking America’s youth: by pushing CRT and the race-based thinking that comes with it one them. As the Epoch Times reported about that portion of his speech:

But recent harm to children also comes from the spread of the “woke” movement…

[…]the popularization of that movement’s framework also has hurt children, Carson said.

“If you’re white, they tell you you’re an oppressor and the cause of all minorities’ problems. And if you’re a minority, you’re told that you’re a victim,” he said.

In the case of children, Carson said, “all this is happening when you’re trying to build your self-image. And then if that’s not bad enough, you’re told you may not be a girl or a boy. It’s child abuse!”

Dr. Carson is right; the leftists running many of America’s schools, in pushing so much nonsense on the kids trusted to their care, are destroying America’s youth.

They’re stunting their development by not letting them see human faces, filling them with fear and guilt by constantly ranting about some phantom menace of a disease, and filling their heads with toxic race ideas by pushing CRT on them.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.