Dr. Fauci Gives Good News: Mitigation Efforts Are Having ‘Dampening Effect’ On Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert, offered Americans good news on Tuesday about the coronavirus.

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During an appearance on CNN, Fauci called the next two weeks “a critical time.”

Noting that Americans have been largely adhering to the administration’s policy of social distancing to slow the spread of the virus, Fauci said the strategy could be working.

“We have very intensive mitigation … with the physical separation. If you look now, we’re starting to see glimmers that that is actually having some dampening effect,” Fauci said, while making clear that the numbers of Americans infected and dying remains at a serious level.

“We clearly are seeing cases going up. The people in New York are in a difficult situation,” he said.

“We are still in a very difficult situation,” Fauci added. “We hope, and I believe it will happen, that we may start seeing a turnaround. But we haven’t seen it yet. We’re just pushing on the mitigation to hope that we do see that turnaround.”

“Once you start to level off, then you’re going to have less people who are going to be going into intensive care,” Fauci said. “And then later on, later on, because it always lags, you’ll see a decrease in deaths.”

“What we’re starting to see right now is just the inklings. And I don’t want to put too much stock on it, because you don’t want to get overconfident, you just want to keep pushing at what you’re doing,” he continued.

“You’re starting to see that the daily increases are not in that steep incline, they’re starting to be able to possibly flatten out.”



Last week, Fauci praised America's private sector for helping the federal government big time to meet and address the critical needs of the America people during this pandemic.

During an Instagram Live discussion with NBA superstar Steph Curry, Fauci explained Thursday that the government “system” caused the delay in coronavirus testing, praising the private sector for stepping up and taking over.

Fauci explained that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was unable to handle and keep up with the volume of tests necessary for effective COVID-19 testing.

“We have hundreds of thousands of tests that are out there now, mostly because we got the private sector involved, of the companies who know how to make it well, make large amounts,” the doctor told Curry, explaining the initial lag in testing.

A few minutes later, Curry again asked Fauci about delays in COVID-19 testing. 

“What are the things inhibiting those [the tests] being accessible to the masses?” Curry asked.