Dr. Fauci Suggests That Americans Should Cancel Family Thanksgiving Gatherings

Thanks to the so-called experts who have been the driving force of the economically disastrous lockdowns and forced masking orders as a response to COVID the nation may never be the same again. 

Now that "two weeks to stop the spread" and "flatten the curve" have extended into a state of indefinite emergency that his being touted by the media as "the new normal" it is being suggested that Americans rethink their holiday traditions as well. 


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That is the word of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the career bureaucrat who heads up the White House Coronavirus Task Force who is now saying that Americans should consider canceling Thanksgiving. 

Fauci who has become a celebrity despite his constantly shifting and contradictory statements on virtually everything related to society, sports, and the coronavirus says that when it comes to the season's cherished family get-togethers, that Americans "may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice that social gathering.”

Dr. Fauci's controversial comments came during an interview with CBS's Norah O’Donnell.

Via The New York Post, "Dr. Fauci suggests canceling Thanksgiving gatherings amid COVID uptick":

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Dr. Anthony Fauci issued a dire warning about the surging coronavirus cases around the country — saying that people “may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice that social gathering,” according to a report.

The 79-year-old top infectious diseases doctor told “CBS Evening News” on Wednesday that his three children will not be coming home for the holiday because his age puts him at increased risk.

“You may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice that social gathering, unless you’re pretty certain that the people that you’re dealing with are not infected,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told anchor Norah O’Donnell.

Noting that COVID-19 cases are surging in 37 states, Fauci said that “what we really have to do is double down” during the cooler weather on preventive measures like social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands.

“They sound very simple, but people are not doing that and that’s why we have an uptick in cases,” he said.

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Fauci's remarks come at a time when the coronavirus hysteria is being jacked up by a media that have been cheerleaders for the lockdowns that have destroyed millions of jobs, wrecked an untold number of small businesses, and traumatized a generation of children. 

They are salivating at the idea of another punishing lockdown, one that could be nationally imposed by the Biden administration if lunchbucket Joe "wins" the election. 

Biden has indicated that Fauci will have wide latitude to dictate policy if President Trump is no longer in the White House. 

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) has already issued a set of guidelines that among other things, would put the kibosh on big family dinners in favor of “virtual” turkey day dinners, ban the consumption of alcohol like certain foreign regimes do and prohibit Black Friday shopping which is an actually good idea but there used to be such a thing as freedom of choice in America.

Via Bloomberg News, “CDC Recommends Changes to Holiday Celebrations to Curb Virus”:

New guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the upcoming holiday season warns that hosts and attendees at holiday celebrations will need to take steps to limit the risk of contracting and spreading the novel coronavirus.

Virtual gatherings or those that involve one’s immediate household are low-risk, the agency said in a posting Monday. If people do gather in person for Christmas and other holidays, the CDC recommends doing so outdoors, keeping groups small, using measures like mask-wearing and social distancing, and considering local virus conditions as well as where attendees are coming from.

Instead of communal, potluck-style food, hosts can ask attendees to bring their own, the CDC said. Cutting down on shared items by having one person serve, and getting single-use plates and condiments, are also recommended, according to the CDC.

Traditional celebrations like Halloween trick-or-treating, large indoor Día de los Muertos gatherings, crowded Thanksgiving parades and Black Friday shopping sprees could spread the virus and should be avoided, according to the guidance. The CDC recommends alternatives such as virtual Halloween costume contests, holding a small dinner for household members and shopping online.

They're coming for Christmas next, just wait and see.



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