Chris Cuomo Applied To Be A Firefighter After Getting Fired From CNN

New York, NY - December 9, 2018: Chris Cuomo attends the 12th Annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at American Museum of Natural History

According to a report published on Monday by the Daily Beast, former CNN host Chris Cuomo submitted an application to become a volunteer firefighter with the East Hampton Fire Department after CNN fired him in December for violating CNN’s journalistic standards after he reportedly tried to cover up his brother former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment allegations.

However, the former primetime news host eventually decided to withdraw his candidacy shortly after meeting with fire chiefs earlier this year. He was unable to commit enough of his time to complete the job because he was unable to devote enough of his time to fulfill the function.

Cuomo, who at first appeared enthusiastic to join the totally volunteer-led firehouse, was annoyed at the time commitment soon after.

Hampton Fire Department Chief Duane Forrester stated, that there are monthly meetings and drills, and you are required to meet a certain percentage of your calls.

Cuomo launched a lawsuit against CNN in March, claiming an astounding 125 million dollars in damages for being fired from his previous employer.

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After CNN discovered that he had used his press contacts and experience to assist in the defense of his older brother, who at the time was the governor of New York, he was terminated from his position.

An investigation conducted by the state Attorney General Letitia James discovered that Cuomo assisted his brother’s staff in digging into the history of a woman who accused the former governor of inappropriately touching her. the woman had accused the former governor of touching her in an inappropriate manner.

According to the findings of the investigation, Cuomo then took part in planning meetings with the intention of assisting his brother in overcoming the sexual harassment controversy that ultimately led to his resignation.

Cuomo, however, added fuel to the fire when he referred to his firing as “the height of hypocrisy” because of CNN’s alleged tendency to turn a blind eye when other CNN personalities allegedly violated the network’s journalistic standards. This remark fueled the fire.

The former cable news anchor has recently ignited a firestorm of headlines after resuming his use of Instagram after a break of seven months in order to post dispatches from war-torn [redacted], tease an upcoming project, market a “Free Agent” merch line, and share pictures of himself fishing with his brother.

At one point in time, it seemed as if Andrew and Chris Cuomo were uncancellable now it appears the two are without jobs and are back to the drawing board. Like other liberals who ended up getting caught in lies, they will more than likely write a tell-all book or create their own podcasts.

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