Drive-By Shooters Light Up Elderly Seattle Couple’s Home Over ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag

Granted, politics – like religion – has always prompted raucous debate in America, that much is true. 

But once upon a time, at least, the discourse was civil. We were, as citizens, able to agree to disagree – to hold our own views without seeking to harm, or worse, those whose views we do not support. And we believed fervently in the First Amendment’s free speech and free expression protections.

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Today, however, thanks to the left’s unhinged hatred for our duly elected president, Donald Trump, a growing number of Americans no longer believe that his supporters have the right to express their views without paying a price – financially and physically – for doing so.

As KIRO-TV reports, an elderly north Seattle couple figured that there would be opposition to their display of a ‘thin blue line’ flag at their home of 30 years, but they wanted to do it anyway because they believe that Americans should support the 99.5 percent of police officers who are loyal, dedicated, honest, and trying to do an increasingly tough job of protecting our communities.

They never paid for that decision with their lives.

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KIRO reports:

A home in north Seattle was riddled with bullets during a drive-by shooting on Friday, according to Seattle police.

Surveillance video shows a dark SUV driving up to the home, firing nine shots and speeding away. Six of the gunshots hit the home and a vehicle. At least one bullet pierced multiple walls of the home, including one gunshot that traveled all the way through to the garage.

“I went numb. This didn’t really happen did it?” said the homeowner. “I’m fearful because I don’t know who it would be that would get that angry.”

Understandably, the homeowners don’t want to be identified because they’ve already got enough trouble.

“About twice a week someone was coming by and saying derogatory remarks saying take it down. I didn’t argue with anybody,” said one of the homeowners.

Idiots who would have been more at home in Hitler’s Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union – or today’s Communist China – would also harass the couple by scrawling “ACAB” (all cops are bastards) and “Black Lives Matter” in spray paint in front of their home.

Interestingly – and sadly – Seattle Police have told the couple to just take the flag down, despite the fact that they appreciate the support and despite the fact that they replaced the first flag with a smaller one.

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“The police said as much as we appreciate your support, we tell our families don’t fly them,” said the homeowner.

“Everybody has an opinion and we’re entitled to it. You don’t shoot me for it!”

Yes, everyone does have an opinion that they ought to be entitled to and that they have a constitutionally guaranteed right to express.

But while left-wing lunatics accuse President Donald Trump of being a tyrant and his supporters enabling a dictator, it is they who are the ones trying to deny our side the right to our basic right to speech, expression, and assembly.

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