“Drumbeat of War is Sounding Loud”: Tensions with Russia Needlessly Increase

The Pantsuit Empire just can’t let the “Russia bad” line of thinking go. While the Chinese dragon is rising, having begun a campaign of genocide in Xinjiang, started overtaking the US economically, acting like it’s preparing to invade Taiwan, and finalizing its hold over Hong Kong, the bureaucrats and “experts” in the Biden regime would rather stir up an unnecessary war with Russia.

Michael Carpenter, the U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, raised tensions yet more on Thursday when he told reporters:

We’re facing a crisis in European security. The drumbeat of war is sounding loud, and the rhetoric has gotten rather shrill

The reason why “the drumbeat of war is sounding loud”? Well, in his words, which came after an OSCE meeting on diplomacy between the US, Russia, and Europe, “There’s close to 100,000 troops on the Russian side of its border with Ukraine. Their presence and the live fire measures being carried out are raising many questions about Moscow’s intention.”

The real reason, one Carpenter won’t say out loud, is that tensions are increasing because NATO, especially the US, is behaving ridiculously.

For example, he cites troops “on the Russian side of its border with Ukraine” as being problematic. Since when, exactly? Is Russia not allowed to carry out drills or station troops within its borders? Is carrying out exercises in one of the better places available, the vast fields of that region, not reasonable?

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If not, where would Carpenter rather Russia drill its troops? America panicked when it drilled them in Belarus. We’d surely act as if the sky were falling if Putin drilled them near Poland or our Baltic allies. Siberia is impractical. Many pearls were clutched when he sent peacekeepers to Kazakhstan. So, if the vast fields near Ukraine are unacceptable, where would be better?

The answer is “nowhere.” It’s not that Russia was drilling or stationing troops near Ukraine, it’s that Russia was drilling them at all that’s freaking out the Pantsuit Empire. Those agents of American globalism are so furious that Putin might not bend to their will on every issue that now they, as shown by Carpenter’s statement, are pushing ridiculous, warmongering rhetoric to stir up tensions. It’s absurd, especially as it’s much ado about nothing.

To be clear, Russia is not preparing to invade. Though troops were stationed and exercising near the border, the other preludes to invasion simply weren’t there; even America’s CIA has said it hasn’t concluded there will be an invasion of Ukraine. Russia even withdrew troops from the border in a show of goodwill recently.

Further, it’s not like the US is behaving at all reasonably in the talks. It’s demanding things of Putin, not bartering in good faith. As ZeroHedge reports:

“If the Russians walk away from these talks, it’ll be clear that they were never serious about diplomacy in the first place,” he added. However, the Russian side was miffed when at the very start of talks Monday in Geneva (and subsequent talks in Brussels and Vienna), the US declared its core demand of no more NATO eastward expansion to be a “non-starter” in the talks.

[…]…the US has approached the three meetings seriously but would not negotiate “core principles” that are being demanded by the Russian side, such as the option for any country to propose application to NATO and other discussions around bilateral security discussions and alliances.

[…]Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who has led the Russian delegation in the three meetings, appeared to dismiss the possibility of ongoing discussions, reportedly saying in a press briefing after the OSCE session on Thursday that he saw “no grounds” to continue the talks.

“There is, to a certain extent, a dead end or a difference in approaches,” Ryabkov said, citing no real flexibility coming from the US side. “I do not see reasons to sit down in the coming days, to gather again and start these same discussions.” The Russian delegation said that proposals from the West for grounds to continue talks would be submitted to President Putin for further consideration, but struck a pessimistic tone.

So, while Carpenter places the blame squarely on the Russians, that hardly appears to be accurate. Rather, it appears that the Pantsuit Empire is making imperial demands and is mad that a somewhat conservative leader like Putin won’t bow before the globalists.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.