“Easiest Fight Would Be… About 3 Seconds”: President Trump Asked About Who Would Be His Easiest Fight

On Saturday evening, former President Donald Trump hosted the boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort.

At one point during the event, the former president was if he had to fight someone, who would it be and what would the fight look like.

Of course, President Trump said he would fight Biden.

“Well, if I had to pick somebody in the world, not a professional boxer, because I’ll take a pass on a professional boxer. Thank you for your very dangerous subject. But if you said, if I had to box somebody. (‘Anybody’ says the announcer.) I think probably my easiest fight would be Joe Biden. Because he would be over very, very quickly. “

The former president continued, noting, “Oh, I’d like to take him behind the bar, oh and he’d be in big trouble. I think Biden would go down within the first few seconds.”


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Trump’s appearance at the fight was a massive success considering the crowd gave him a very warm welcome as they chanted “WE LOVE TRUMP” which quickly turned into “F*** Joe Biden.”

“This is an honor to be with you! What a great evening,” Trump said to the crowd. “I think you’re gonna see an incredible fight … We love our country, we love our country. Thank you very much.”

Trump is a longtime friend of Holyfield which is one of the reasons why he agreed to announce the fight.

“I tell you what, I have been close to Evander,” Trump said. “I’ve been with him during some incredible times in his career and I’ve seen him enter a little bit of a bad time, but he came out of it. He’s a great guy and he’s a great, great fighter.”

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