Elise Stefanik Calls Out Liz Cheney, Says She Was ‘Looking Backwards’ By Bashing Trump

Newly-elected House Republican Conference chair Elise Stefanik officially canceled Rep. Liz Cheney’s vision for the party on Sunday during an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, saying that the Wyoming establishmentarian was too obsessed with former President Donald Trump’s past to use his visionary policies to move the party forward.

Stefanik, a New York Republican, contrasted what she and the majority of her party want as members try to position themselves to take back power during the 2022 midterms with what Cheney appeared to be obsessed with: Bashing Trump.

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“Republicans are unified in exposing the radical Far-Left agenda of President Biden and Speaker Pelosi. We want to spend every day on exposing the border crisis, the economic crisis, and the national security crisis in the Middle East,” Stefanik said.

Stefanik went on to address a number of policy issues that are important to Republicans such as “safely reopening” the economy, retaining the energy independence that Trump brought us, and sticking to a focus on so-called ‘kitchen table’ priorities that working-class Americans consider vital (which Cheney did not consider so vital).

For her part, Bartiromo replied by saying that Cheney was way too focused on the Jan. 6 riots and trying to blame it on Trump’s ‘incitement’ when in fact, seasoned, trained observers believe that the entire thing was planned (and why wouldn’t it be — the same people spent four years trying to get rid of Trump in a variety of ways). The host then played a clip of Cheney in a post-vote press conference after she was voted out continuing to suggest that Republicans ‘move on’ from Trump, though his was the most successful GOP presidency, by far, since Ronald Reagan’s two terms in office.

Stefanik responded by accusing Cheney of “looking backward,” adding that Republicans are “unified” and “looking forward.” She also pointed out that Trump enacted pro-growth policies, brought peace to the Middle East, drastically improved U.S. national security, and remained focused on other issues important to working-class Americans.

“I’m proud to represent the vast majority of Republicans, and that’s why we needed to make a change at House conference chair,” she continued.

Later, Stefanik made clear two things about the post-2020 election chaos that Cheney refused to even address: 1) There was post-2020 election chaos that had nothing to do with Trump saying anything but rather with actual changes to voting laws and rules that left tens of millions of Americans genuinely suspicious of the outcome; and 2) that efforts to ensure there is less chaos and more transparency going forward are not just a good idea and good policy but absolutely vital to the perpetuation of our republic.

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As such, Stefanik said she’s a proponent of the current ballot audit taking place in Arizona.

“I support that audit. Transparency is good for the American people. And again, this should be a non-partisan issue, whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or conservative, transparency is important. And the audit was passed by the Arizona State Senate. The Biden Department of Justice is trying to block that audit. That is unconstitutional,” she said.