Elizabeth Warren Finally Apologizes After Telling Lie Of The Year

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren finally apologized this week for lying about being Native American.

While speaking at a forum on Monday focused on Native American issues, Warren began her remarks with an apology for her past claims of Native American heritage. 


"Before I go any further in this, I want to say this," Warren began. 

"Like anyone who's being honest with themselves, I know that I have made mistakes; I am sorry for the harm I have caused. I have listened and I have learned a lot, and I am grateful for the many conversations that we've had together," she added.

Warren said it was a "great honor to be able to partner with Indian country, and that's what I've tried to do as a senator and that's what I promise I will do as president of the United States of America." 

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After some applause from the crowd, Warren said that "the federal government's history with our tribal nations has been one of broken promises" and that "we need to honor our trust and treaty obligation to the native tribes."


Warren has been engulfed in the scandal for many years after claiming to have Cherokee Indian heritage. 

Her controversy began years ago when she claimed to be Native American when she was a law professor at Harvard University. 

Last October, Warren released the results of a DNA test she took, and it was a total embarrassment.

Her results showed she is only 1/1,024th American Indian, which is less than the average white person from North America. 

Warren’s only Native American ancestor appears in her family tree “in the range of 6-10 generations ago.” 

The doctor who performed the test said he believes the ancestor could have been Warren’s great-great-great-grandmother, O.C. Sarah Smith, who was partially Native American.