Enormous Price Of Warren's 'Medicare-For-All' Plan Revealed

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has outright refused to admit to voters that in order for many of her socialist plans to go into effect, taxes will have to be raised on the middle class.

Fox News obtained a copy of Warren’s long-awaited "Medicare-for-all" funding plan for the government-run health care system, and the cost is staggering.


Warren's plan states that it would cost a whopping sum of "just under $52 trillion" over the next decade.

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Warren's campaign admits they will have to implement a host of new tax increases to pay for it while still claiming the middle class would not face any additional burden.

“We don’t need to raise taxes on the middle class by one penny to finance Medicare for All,” Warren said in her plan.

Here's how Warren claims she will "pay for it":

Among other proposals, Warren calls for bringing in nearly $9 trillion in new Medicare taxes on employers over the next 10 years, arguing this would essentially replace what they’re already paying for employee health insurance. 
Further, Warren’s campaign says if they are at risk of falling short of the revenue target, they could impose a “Supplemental Employer Medicare Contribution” for big companies with “extremely high executive compensation and stock buyback rates.”

Aside from the staggering $52 trillion cost -- which could literally bankrupt the country -- Warren also conceded this week that her Medicare-for-all plan could result in substantial job losses.

During an appearance Wednesday on New Hampshire Public Radio, Warren called it “part of the cost issue” when confronted with an estimate that nearly 2 million jobs could be shed. 

Isn't it amazing how she so easily brushed off the fact that her plan -- which is estimated to cost trillions of dollars -- will eliminate at least 2 million jobs from hard-working Americans.

There's a chance that someone reading this post right now could have their job eliminated if Warren becomes president and her socialist Medicare for All plan goes into effect. 

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This is one of the many things on the line in the 2020 election and why so many voters across the country are terrified of a Democrat becoming the president.