Entire NFL Team Shakes A Fist At America: ‘If You Ain’t With Us, You Against Us’

The National Football League is about to find out whether suggesting that a huge portion of its fan base may be racists is a successful marketing strategy. 

With the country descending into mayhem over the death of George Floyd, the unarmed black man who was killed by a vicious thug cop, the NFL has once again sided with militants as it did when it allowed kneeling during the national anthem in 2017.

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The fallout from the disrespect for the flag, police and militaryexpressed by disciples of the former NFL quarterback turned social justice messiah Colin Kaepernick hit the league hard resulting in empty seats, plunging TV ratings and damage to sponsors. 

Eventually, the NFL found a way back to sanity after alienating millions of loyal fans but is once again surrendering control to the mob that is shaking its angry clenched fist at America. 

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And leading the way is the Denver Broncos with nearly the entire team turning out to Saturday’s anti-Trump protests in the Mile High City wearing black shirts with the slogan ‘If you ain’t with us, you against us’ which is hardly an endorsement of the reasonable debate needed at this time of unprecedented unrest. 

Via ESPN, “Broncos players, coach Vic Fangio help lead protest march through Denver”:

More than 70 players, coaches and other staff personnel from the Denver Broncos — most wearing black T-shirts that read “If You Ain’t With Us, You Against Us” — led a group of thousands through downtown Denver during a Black Lives Matter protest Saturday.

Many of the group from the Broncos, which included CEO Joe Ellis, coach Vic Fangio and his coaching staff, also were wearing masks that had “I can’t breathe” printed on them.

Linebacker Jeremiah Attaochu, linebacker Von Miller and safety Justin Simmons were among the players who briefly spoke to the crowd in a downtown park to start the march.

“We’re out here as players … to be an agent of change with policy and really taking part in the way this country works,” said Attaochu, who was the first of the players to speak to the crowd. “And that’s the only way we’re going to fix things — is if we use our voices to speak out on policies and things that are not allowing our people to be successful to have a chance in life. We can’t keep putting a Band-Aid on an old wound.”

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Once among the league’s most successful franchises, the Broncos have descended into an era of futility not seen in the Rocky Mountain Region since Richard M. Nixon was in the White House. 

The architect of the decline is iconic former quarterback John Elway who as the general manager and president of football operations has overseen the team’s plunge. 

Elway supported his team’s insertion into toxic racial and social politics. 

The Broncos have long had one of the NFL’s most loyal and die hard fan bases and have sold out stadiums for decades but how many of those fans are going to continue spend their money on spoiled millionaires spouting divisive slogans?

And how many of those who they are appeasing with their support of the mob will have the ability to shell out the necessary cash to replace the soon to be former season ticket holders?

While there were none of the other 31 teams joined that up with the mob in such a brazen manner, the Broncos’ stance is an ominous signal for the NFL which is headed for a turbulent season that will make 2017 look minor once the backlash arrives. 


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