EPIC RANT: Famous Investor Comes Out Of Nowhere To Debunk TONS Of Fake News Narratives About Trump

Michael Burry become a household name after his story was featured in the film “The Big Short”. He risked hundreds of millions of dollars on a bet that the housing market would crash in 2007-2008…and he was right.

In more recent times, he has sounded the alarm multiple times about inflation and the impending “economic doom” that are country will face.

However, his Twitter account is incredibly mysterious. He only keeps tweets up for a few hours at a time, and sometimes he deletes his entire Twitter account altogether.

Today, he set his sights on the lying liberal media.

Here are screenshots of some of his best tweets of the day that spit in the face of the anti-Trump media:

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Burry is being a thorn in the side of the liberal media today. They absolutely hate it when anyone comes out against their narrative, and burry is doing it in full force.

The’ve lied about Ivermectin, they’ve lied about Trump saying to “inject bleach”, they’ve lied about Trump calling white nationalists “fine people”…and so much more!

Twitter might soon delete his account (because they hate truth as much as the liberal media), so make sure to save these screenshots for later.

Click here to go to his Twitter feed

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