Eric Swalwell Compares Trump To Osama Bin Laden

Remember when Democrats said following Joe Biden’s stolen election victory that they wanted “unity” and “healing” and to dial down the heated rhetoric and division?

Yeah, we don’t either. Not anyone who meant it, anyway, and that includes Rep. Eric “China Honeypot” Swalwell of California.

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On Wednesday, Swalwell the Spybait ratcheted up the political temperature to ‘blast furnace’ by comparing President Donald Trump to the scumbag terrorist who masterminded the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden.

The Daily Caller has more:

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In an interview with PBS News Hour, Swalwell said Trump’s actions were comparable to the Bin Laden after rioters supporting Trump stormed the U.S. capitol on Jan. 6, committing acts of vandalism and violence and postponing the electoral college certification process, forcing members of Congress to evacuate the building.

“Well, Osama Bin Laden did not enter US soil on September 11, but it was widely acknowledged that he was responsible for inspiring the attack on our country and the president, with his words, using the word fight… that is hate speech that inspired and radicalized people to storm the Capitol,” Swalwell said in the interview.

Swalwell was then asked if he was comparing Trump to Bin Laden, to which he did not directly respond to the question.

“I’m comparing the words of an individual who would incite and radicalize somebody as Osama Bin Laden did to what President Trump did. You don’t actually have to commit the violence yourself but if you call others to violence that itself is a crime,” he said.

Ask yourself if comments like these are going to heal a nation and help people overcome their anger and frustration, or pour aircraft fuel on already smoldering embers of hate, anger, resentment and distrust?

It should be obvious by now that the Democrat Party and its left-wing gaslighters in the media are moving full bore to not simply take the country away from President Trump and his legions of supporters, but to make it so that he, or something like him, never again is ‘allowed’ to take the reins of power.

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What ‘they’ – the political, social, cultural, corporate, and intelligence classes – are doing to Trump should convince you once and for all that ordinary Americans have lost complete control over our government.

As such, we should stop wasting air and energy on what has happened and focus next on what should be done about it.

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