Even Twitter is Not Letting Biden’s Administration Get Away With Shameless Lies

When Joe Biden was running for president, he would frequently criticize the previous president, Donald Trump, for what he claimed was his pattern of lying. Biden and numerous other Democrats have repeatedly pledged that, should they win the election, they will resume telling the truth to the American people. After a couple of years had passed, after Biden had been declared the victor in the election, that pledge was promptly broken. The statements made by members of President Joe Biden’s administration regarding price increases are possibly the best illustration of the disinformation he spreads. Because the lying has reached such a flagrant level, even Twitter, which has a long history of censoring Republicans and conservatives, has begun drawing attention to the difficulties the Biden administration has had with speaking the truth.

This past week, the press secretary for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, claimed on Twitter that the economy saw zero percent inflation in the month of July.

We just received news that our economy had 0% inflation in July,” Jean-Pierre tweeted. “While the price of some things went up, the price of others, like gas, clothing, and more, dropped.

However, the entirety of this claim is deceptive. It is the sort of thing that one might anticipate coming from the telecommunications network of a totalitarian dictatorship, but not from the president of the United States, and especially not from a president’s term that has placed such an emphasis on the value of candor. Twitter realized what was happening and published a disclaimer, pointing out that the post contained false information.

This is misleading because it would cause people to believe inflation was 0% in July when in reality the year over year inflation for July was 8.5%,” the Twitter warning said. “The 0% inflation comes from the month over month inflation between June and July.

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On the other hand, this is nothing out of the ordinary for the Biden presidency. They take an active role in redefining terminology in order to make their reality more consistent with their perspective. Take into consideration the facts.

Since President Biden took office, his government has made efforts to reframe common concepts, such as those of a woman, a recession, and most recently, inflation. If Trump had tried this, the press and the Dems would be up in hysterics, crying foul and complaining about “threats to democracy.” The Democratic sycophants, on the other hand, remain silent despite the fact that Biden is methodically attempting to rewrite the rules of American culture.

Given the Biden administration’s propensity for misleading people, it is gratifying to see that Twitter has finally identified one of the administration’s tweets as being untrue. I guess it’s better to have things done now than never. To put things into perspective, this is how Biden and his followers operate. They come up with “false facts” to convince the general people that everything is fine even though things are appallingly poor and have reached an all-time record low.

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