EVs Exposed: Ted Cruz Exposes the Absurdity of Calling EVs “Green” and “Sustainable”

When the powers that be, whether at Tesla, a traditional auto-maker now making EVs, or even the “green” energy pushers in the government and NGO sphere tell you to buy an electric vehicle, what reason do they typically cite as the most important? That the cars are “clean” because they run on electricity.

Now, perhaps that’s true in one sense: there are no emissions puffing out of the tail end of a Tesla as it rolls around the city street, nor of a Ford Lightning as it struggles to make it 85 miles with a trailer attached.

So there’s that. But what powers those vehicles? Electricity, which is almost always electricity coming from the power grid and stored in the battery when people plug it in overnight or at a charging station.

And what powers the power grid that powers those electric vehicle batteries? That’s right, fossil fuels. Natural gas, diesel, even coal. Sometimes clean energy like nuclear or hydropower is involved, yes, and supposedly “green” energy like solar and wind are involved to a small degree, but in many areas of the country it’s fossil fuels that are fueling the grid.

Hence, fueling an EV is really just powering it with fossil fuels but with extra steps, and that’s assuming they don’t run out of charge and need some inefficient, diesel-powered generator to show up and give it a boost.

Senator Ted Cruz tore into the ridiculousness of that and the Biden Administration’s push for electric vehicles despite the truth about how they’re powered, citing the deceptiveness of saying EVs are clean while creating the electricity needed to power them with diesel and coal, saying:

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Look, it’s fundamentally deceptive, it’s dishonest, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Continuing, Cruz then bashed Biden for its war on energy and American energy production, saying:

When Biden was elected, the average price of gasoline was $2.38 a gallon. It has doubled since then. And that’s not an accident.

“They have attacked U.S. energy production, you’re right, they are encouraging Iran and Venezuela, our enemies, to produce because they don’t want American energy and it is hurting consumers.

Ending his takedown of the current green energy nonsense, Cruz then turned to ripping EVs again, this time attacking Transporation Secretary “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg, blasting him for cheering rising gas prices because they mean people might consider buying unpopular electric vehicles. In his words:

“And I’ve got to say, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was very honest pain, he said, ‘The pain is the point. The more we drive up your cost at the pump, the more you will do what we want, which is sell your suburban and buy a Prius.’ That’s not what the American people want.

Cruz has a point. They pretend these vehicles are clean, but even when the mining necessary to produce the many minerals necessary to make the batteries isn’t considered, the truth about how they’re powered tells a different story than the one you’re lead to believe.

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